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The Ultimate Brainwashing
A leading supermarket chain has banned advertising of unhealthy foods and drinks targeted specifically at children. The Co-op said it would no longer advertise products that were high in fat, sugar and salt during children's television programs. Research commissioned by the company found that advertisers push such products particularly strongly when they know children are watching. The Co-op said such advertisements "blackmailed" parents into buying products. The Co-op is also boycotting the use of character and cartoon merchandising on the same Co-op products, and has pledged to promote healthy diets to children. The company wants the Independent Television Commission to force others in the food industry to follow its lead. The Co-op said it was prompted to take action after successive government health warnings about poor nutrition in children's diets. It commissioned a survey into food commercials aimed at youngsters, which found that 99% of food and drink advertised to children during Saturday morning children's television contained either high fat, high sugar, or high salt. The Co-op sought the opinions of psychologist Dr. Aric Sigman, who told them: "When you look at the psychology behind this type of advertising, you can see how they are crafted to exploit children's vulnerabilities at critical stages in their development. The inquiry identified several ways that advertisers sought to appeal to children, which included making products appear to be their friend, using animation, celebrities or heroes, and encouraging them to collect things and compete. Researchers also discovered that 73% of children asked their parents to buy things they had seen advertised on television and that 77% of parents wanted to see a ban on this type of commercial, parents opinion and advise. [If only we had more principled food stores like the Co-op from the United Kingdom here in the U.S.]
How long do you care to be abused?
Gynecologist Richard Neale told a female patient who was suffering from a serious medical condition that she should "grin and bear it". Then, after the woman underwent major surgery and her wound became infected, he allegedly told her that trying to sue him would be a waste of time. Mr. Neale is accused of mistreating scores of female patients and could be barred from practicing, if found guilty of serious professional misconduct. Sheila Wright-Hogeland gave evidence about the care she had received from Mr. Neale while suffering from a condition known as endometriosis, which was so severe that she eventually had to have her womb and ovaries removed. She claimed Dr. Neale had been unsympathetic, dismissive and did not monitor her properly during her six years as his patient. He used to say "Stop making such a fuss about it". She claimed she was left for weeks after agonizing attacks before he would arrange an appointment to see her and despite her pleading for frequent checkups, he would only see her every six months. She collapsed breathless on the kitchen floor after one attack. She told the disciplinary hearing; "I remember I used to tell him that it felt like a lightning bolt shot through my body and I would gasp for breath. He did the usual vaginal examination and said it would be ovulation pain. I believe that he told me I should grin and bear it. I was made to feel that I was being an overly demanding patient." Dr. Neale reassured Mrs. Wright-Hogeland that she was "fit and well" , even though she continued to complain of pain. Mrs. Wright-Hogeland had to have a complete hysterectomy and both ovaries removed. The surgeon found numerous cysts - including one the size of a grapefruit and several abscesses, including one the size of a hen's egg, she told the inquiry. After the surgery she spoke to Dr. Neale who said he was shocked by the extent of her problems. [Many women just like Sheila put up with this type of outrageous unprofessional conduct, the question remains, who's the more guilty Health Outrage producer?]
Foo-E on this achoo-E
A man who sneezed continuously for more than three decades has finally solved his problem by discovering the cause of his problem. He is also considering suing 60 doctors that failed to diagnose the cause of his problem. Patrick Webster, prepared his own breakfast every morning not knowing , that the very food he was consuming, he was allergic to. After eating his breakfast, he proceeded to sneeze several hundred times per day, and doctors were unable to determine the reason why. Mr. Webster, who started sneezing at age 17, said: "It was absolutely exhausting. I was so desperate to try to sort it out, that I took six months off work and ended up in three different hospitals. "I had skin tests for allergies but they were negative so the doctors wouldn't give me any other sort of allergy test. "One doctor even said, I was allergic to myself." Instead he took steroids to try to beat the sneezes, but the drugs have left him with long term side effects, such as a high risk of Osteoporosis because his bones have a low mineral count. Finally he took Nutritional Blood Allergy Tests which revealed, that he had a egg yolk and oat allergy. As soon as these were removed from his diet, the sneezing stopped. [ Three hospitals and 60 doctors later, the cause of Mr. Webster's sneezing is discovered.....yep medical care sure is scientific---ain't it?]
Note: For those wishing to inquire about Food Allergy Testing, please e-mail Dr. Bob Martin at doctorbob@doctorbob.com
A Bad Stroke of Luck
The worst place to suffer a stroke is on a hospital ward, researchers have found. A team of researchers compared the outcomes of two groups of two groups of patients-those admitted to hospital with a stroke, and those who had a stroke while in hospital for another reason. Although both groups were of a similar age and sex, 60% of inpatients died in hospital compared with 28% of admitted patients. Inpatients remained in hospital for an average of 31 days compared to 16 days for admitted patients.[And you thought it was the safest place to be!]
Don't Drink the Water!
Widely used water-safety tests are outdated and unable to detect many of the microbes scientists now know can make people sick. Currently, water is tested for the presence of coliforms, organisms once thought to exist only in the intestines of animals, but scientists at Los Angeles meeting of the American Society for Microbiology say the tests can no longer be considered adequate. The tests, developed in the 1950's, can detect bacteria such as shigella and salmonella, but they miss such microbes as crytosporidium - the parasite that infected Milwaukee's water supply in 1993 - Norwalk viruses and rotavirus, says Jay Grimes of the University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg. He and colleagues are urging state and federal agencies to use more sophisticated tests on water. [How many more people have to get sick and die before we get serious about the quality of water?]
Drink More be Less Merry and Healthy
The Environmental Protection Agency wants to reduce the limit for arsenic allowed in drinking water to one-tenth the current standard in an effort to reduce cancer risks. The agency proposed to reduce the arsenic allowed in drinking water from 50 parts per billion to 5 parts per billion. Over 6,000 water systems nationwide would need to upgrade their systems to meet the standard. Efforts to reduce arsenic drinking water followed a National Academy of Science report in 1999 that found arsenic in drinking water causes bladder, lung, and skin cancer, and might cause kidney and liver cancer. [A Lots of arsenic laced water is bad for your health however, a little won't hurt ya...... much!
Smile You're on Candid Camera
Some doctors say the best medicine for some children who suffer from recurring, mysterious illnesses may be cameras in their hospital room to rule out their parents as the cause of the youngsters' ill health. That prescription comes from five physicians who authored a study, detailing how 41 cameras in an Atlanta hospital during four years caught 23 mothers injecting their children with urine, switching their medications and even suffocating them to keep them sick. The mothers allegedly suffered from a mental illness called Munchausen by proxy, which causes parents to purposely harm their children to gain sympathy for themselves. Some groups say the diagnosis is used by doctors in order to exonerate themselves of an inability to diagnose a child's condition, or to rid themselves of a troublesome mother. Other specialists, meanwhile, call hidden cameras an unethical invasion of privacy and say it means doctors must silently let the behavior continue. [The doctors better be real careful because, you never know when you might show-up on a triple x'er.]
Now He's Dead, Now He's Not
A patient's wife was told her husband was dead following a stroke when he was alive and well in a hospital ward's day room. Vera Corr, was told by a nurse, that her husband Jimmy had died from a stroke when, in fact, he was sitting nearby. The family spent 20 minutes calling relatives to break the sad news until the nurse returned to tell them there had been a terrible mistake. One of the couple's three children, Jim Corr, said: "My mom got a call from the hospital saying dad had taken a turn for the worse." He further stated, "She went down there with my son and his wife where a nurse told them that he had died. I arrive shortly afterwards to find my son in a hell of a state." He went on to say, "We sat in the side room crying and a few other family members started to arrive. I was given a phone to use and started to call other relatives to break the news. After 20 minutes the nurse came back and said there had been a terrible mistake. She said the patient in the bed opposite my dad had died and she must have picked up the wrong file. I had to leave the hospital because I was so angry and had to get back on the phone to tell everyone he was alive after all. [You are now exiting the Twighlight Zone Hospital Experience.]
Trialing For Dollars $$$$$$$$$$$$
Drug companies and Medical Doctors are employing "disturbing" recruiting techniques for clinical trials in the rush to get new medicines onto the competitive pharmaceutical market, according to a U.S. government investigation. In one case, a nursing home patient allegedly was forced to either participate in a clinical trial or leave the home. In another, patients were contacted several times in order to try and persuade them to enroll. "Recent investigations and complaints reveal disturbing recruitment practices," said the report released by June Gibbs Brown, the inspector general for the Department of Health and Human Services. Drug companies try to boost enrollment by offering financial incentives to doctors and by advertising their studies. Doctors sometimes ask their own patients to be potential subjects. In addition, people told investigators they feared that some researchers may enroll patients who should not be eligible "in order to meet quotas and satisfy sponsors." [Have sheeple will follow.]
Women continue to get reamed-out by greedy doctors
In his groundbreaking 1979 book, Confessions of a Medical Heretic," Robert S. Mendelsohn, M.D. shocked the world by revealing that more than 800,000 hysterectomies were performed in 1975 and "very few of them were necessary." He noted that, " In six New York hospitals, 43% of the hysterectomies reviewed were found to be unjustified." Dr. Mendelsohn had hoped by making such scandalous information public, the situation would improve. Sadly, he would be very disappointed if he were still alive today. According to a new study conducted, as many as 70% of all hysterectomies performed in the United States may be unnecessary. About 70% of the 500 cases reviewed by researchers were judged to be recommended inappropriately. In many cases doctors recommended the procedure without even evaluating the women to determine the true cause of their problem(s). Instead of looking at the procedure as a "last resort," many doctors jumped right to surgery as an easy and profitable solution. [ Ladies, unless you want to chance becoming a future Health Outrage victim, trust no one when it comes to your body parts especially, allopathic cut happy surgeons.]
Medical doctors diagnosing in the dark again?
A hospital where doctors failed to spot a man's oral cancer five times has said staff made no mistakes and had nothing to apologize for. Father-of-three Steve Harley's illness was not found in 19 visits to 12 different doctors, and now the tumor is too large for an operation. The chief executive of the hospital in question, where five different doctors saw Mr. Harley, said staff had made no mistakes. Apparently, each time he was seen the doctors gave him painkillers. The first doctor he saw sent him home with antibiotics. Eventually, because he kept going back to visit another doctor in the hope of finally solving his persistent unabated pain, He was told: "If I was your brother, I would tell you to go home and live your life." A specialist at a private hospital eventually diagnosed him. (What's more of a health outrageous: The inability of his doctors to diagnose Mr. Harley's illness? The denial by the medical god's of ever making any mistakes? Or being brainwashed like many others that medical doctors are scientists and walk on water? It is your call on this Health Outrage!)
Parents still think tanning is healthy for children!
Despite the well known danger of the suns rays, the message of over exposure to sun causes skin cancer is still not getting across to parents, many of whom still regard a youngster's tan as "healthy". Many parents "view a tan as healthy and do not effectively implement sun protection behaviors for their children, which result in sunburns," according to Dr. June K. Robinson of Lyolla University Medical Center in Maywood, Illinois, and colleagues. Males and those with lower levels of education were more likely to complement children on having a tan. Overall, 24% percent of parents never apply sunscreen on their child. This health outrage is about allowing children to be over baked in the sun.
Infant Guinea Pigs
A hospital study designed to test a heartburn drug on children is blamed for the death of a 9-month-old boy, a Coroner recently ruled. Gage Stevens died in November 1999. His death was initially blamed on sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). It was later learned that the boy's death may have been caused by an experimental drug he was taking called Propulsid. The drug has been associated with heart rhythm abnormalities and 80 deaths, though the FDA said it could not prove the drug caused any deaths. The baby's parents, Scott Stevens and Gretchen Stewart, said they signed a consent form at the hospital that incorrectly said the FDA approved the drug for infants. In a statement, children's hospital officials admitted the form was wrong. They said it told parents the drug was approved because officials believe approval was imminent. They also said the form listed the drugs potential side effects and risks, including heart rhythm problems. Gage, who suffered from heartburn and chronic diarrhea, had been enrolled in the study for 6 months before he died. He was participating in a clinical trial to determine the safety of the drug to treat gastroesophageal reflux in children. The hospital halted the trial after the FDA told officials of a possible link between the drug and Gage's death. The coroner who initially signed Gage's death certificate, stating that he died as a result of SID'S (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome), later revised the cause of death. This was only after being contacted by CBS evening news and reviewing additional information from the baby's family and the FDA. Where do you start with so many possible Health Outrages within one continual medical disaster?
Two more problematic drugs for the eventual poison heap.
  1. A commonly prescribed anti-clotting drug has been found to have dangerous side effects, according to a study in the New England Journal of Medicine. Plavix has been hailed as one of the most effective drugs in reducing risk of heart attacks and stroke caused by arteriosclerosis, in which the wall of an artery thickens and loses elasticity. Researchers report the drug Plavix may be associated with a disorder called thrombic thrombocytic pupura (TTP.) TTP causes small blood clots to form throughout the body, leading to symptoms like jaundice, abnormal heart rhythm, and organ damage.
  2. Blood Pressure drug Cardura linked to heart failure risk. A high blood pressure drug sold under the brand name Cardura has been linked to higher rates of heart failure than a generic diuretic (water pill). Heart failure was twice as common among Cardura patients, and there were higher rates of strokes (19% higher), chest pain (16% higher), and procedures like angioplasty or bypass surgery (15% higher), among Cardura patients. This was reported in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA.) Remember an unhealthy lifestyle coupled with ignorance begets exposure to a quenelle Health Outrage such as this!
Psychotherapist refers to oldest profession
A pioneering psychotherapist, who denied instructing a male patient to sleep with prostitutes as part of his treatment, has been found guilty by his peers. Dr. Stuart Lieberman was accused of telling a 34-year old patient, who had a "kaleidoscope of mental problems," that he should have sex with both male and female prostitutes. However, Dr. Lieberman giving evidence to a disciplinary hearing denied that he had "pushed him" into using prostitutes, merely mentioned it as "afterthought." Nevertheless, Dr. Lieberman was found guilty of advising the patient to lose his virginity by sleeping with male and female prostitutes. Apparently, the patient looked at Dr. Lieberman as a "god-like figure," and endeavored to follow his instructions. After contacting female prostitutes on two occasions with no avail, and a disastrous encounter with a gay friend, he made an unsuccessful attempt to kill himself...Can you imagine paying for this type of bogus advice? It is a Health Outrage!
Can I get some action from the vaccine section?
When problems arise with allopathic and/or orthodox doctrines, denial seems to follow naturally. Recently a debate came to the floor of congress, in which Democrat and Republican leaders in the House Government Reform Committee agreed to ask the Department of Health and Human Services to set up an impartial study. A study to see whether vaccination may cause a number of cases of autism. Chairman Dan Burton R-Ind., whose granddaughter has autism, called the hearing. He believes she may have gotten it from a vaccine. Autism is a brain disorder characterized by an inability to socialize and a tendency to engage in repeated actions and comments. The worse part of this Health Outrage is not the standard denial regarding the risks associated with vaccines in general, but the governments own mandates related to forcing it's citizens into taking inoculations/vaccines against their own better judgement. I thank God I never caved when facing this decision on behalf of my six children.
Dying smoker awarded $20 million from tobacco firms
A California jury ordered two major tobacco companies to pay $20 million to a dying woman who began smoking after heath warnings first appeared on cigarette packets. According to a San Francisco Court jury, the nation's top two tobacco companies were each partly to blame for the terminal lung cancer suffered by Leslie Whiteley, a forty year-old from Ojai, California who smoked for 25 years. As much as I would love to see the tobacco companies stung financially, I feel it is a Health Outrage for someone to knowingly commit suicide only to be rewarded.
U.S. Fool and Drug Pushers Administration is at it again!
Rezulin, a once-hailed diabetes drug used by approximately three quarters of a million people, has finally been withdrawn from the market in the continued wake of it's link to at least 70 deaths from liver poisoning. The U.S. Fool and Drug Pushers Administration (USFDPA), which requested the action, finally urged Rezulin users not to stop taking the drug without first contacting their Allopaths. While Rezulin's manufacturer agreed to remove it, a statement from Park-Davis/Warner-Lambert indicated the company still had confidence in the drug, which was prescribed for Type 2 or adult onset diabetes patients, who had not responded to other therapies. In one case, FDPA medical officer Dr. Robert Misbin, one of Rezulin's reviewers within the agency, asked some members of Congress to investigate why his bosses had not pulled the pill form the market sooner. Rezulin has been available for approximately two and a half years. ANSWER: corruption, money, cronyism, politics, power, and greed. The FDPA gives great Health Outrages!
The Scientist who yelled wolf…
A Scientist who claimed to have evidence of a treatment for high-risk breast cancer patients faked the results. Professor Werner Bezwoda claimed he had proof that high-dose chemotherapy, combined with blood cell treatment, could improve survival rates-the first time the scientific community had come up with such results. However, following an investigation of his findings, Professor Bezwoda admitted he had committed "a serious breach of scientific honesty and integrity." This type of conduct is not only offensive to the scientific and medical communities, but also towards women with breast cancer. One can only wonder if the professor's gender would have been different, would this have happened?
Doctors on the take once again
Physicians were once revered in our society, but their reputations have become somewhat tarnished over the last several decades. Adding to the decline is a recent warning by the Health and Human Services (HHS) inspector General's office describing doctors who rent office space to suppliers or providers at above-market rates as a hidden form of kickback. Some suppliers whose businesses depend on physician referrals are paying excessive rent for office space to their physician-landlords in order to boost referrals. According to HHS Inspector General June Gibbs Brown, such inducements can influence medical decision-making, encouraging services based on profit rather than the patients' best interests. This Health Outrage is "old hat," doctors have been x-raying the wallets of their patients' and bilking the insurance coffers for a long time.
Some people really do believe they need a hole in the head.
A woman has carried out do-it-yourself brain surgery in an attempt to cure her chronic fatigue syndrome. The procedure went wrong, and she required urgent medical assistance. Heather Perry, 29, from Britain came to the U.S. to carry out the procedure, which involved drilling a two-centimeter hole in her head. The 20-minute procedure went wrong when she drilled too far and severed a membrane protecting brain tissue. Ms. Perry said: "I have no regrets. I'm the first to admit it sounds totally ridiculous and I can understand the reaction I've provoked...but I felt something radical needed to be done." This one's in the running for Health Outrage of the year.
The world's super power population are killing themselves!
Students in the United States exercise less and eat less healthful diets than kids in most other countries, according to a report issued by the World Health Organization. The U.S. ranks 24th out of 28th for daily smoking, with 12 percent of 15-year-olds smoking every day. When it comes to keeping fit, U.S. students are lagging behind kids in many European countries. Two-thirds of American students reported exercising for more than two hours a week, compared with 80% of students in Austria, Germany, and Slovach Republic who reported exercising regularly. Kids in the United States are downing more fries, potato chips, chocolate, soft drinks and candy bars than most of their global counterparts. And, about 23% of 15-year-olds said they drank beer, wine or spirits at least weekly. How many Health Outrages can you find in the above article? You might even call it over qualified for the Health Outrage!
Would you trust this guy to safe guard the hen house?
An internationally renowned scientist has been banned from unsupervised research after forging documents during drug research. Dr. Henry Elliot had the restriction imposed on his practice for a year after he was caught falsifying two letters claiming approval to test a drug on volunteers. He had originally been given approval for the research into an anti-hypertension drug. However, when alterations were made he sidestepped the legal procedure and forged the letters. One can only wonder how many times this sort of activity occurs, and worst all, he'll be back in action is only a year. Now that's a Health Outrage!
Sex, Condoms, and Whining for Dollars
A woman who says she became pregnant because of a faulty condom is suing the contraceptive's manufacturer. In the first case of its kind, Marian Richardson is seeking six-figure money from Durex maker of the condom in question. She says the damages should cover the cost of bringing up her daughter, the pain, discomfort and inconvenience of the pregnancy and cesarean delivery, and the financial loss suffered as a result of becoming pregnant. Mrs. Richardson, who already had two children, told the court she was unaware that condoms did not offer 100% protection. Mrs. Richardson said her pregnancy had led to the breakdown of her relationship with her boyfriend, although they had since become reconciled and were married. If you believe this woman who qualified for the Health Outrage, I've got some ocean front property in Arizona for sale!
Sexual Healing?...NOT
A doctor persuaded a woman to have sex three times, as a form of therapy, for her fear of intercourse. Psychiatrist Robin Lawrence, M.D. said the sex would help to cure the 25- year old virgin of her fear. Dr. Lawrence, a Medical Doctor and senior fellow at the Institute of Psychiatry, of Alleyn Park, South East London, denies serious professional misconduct. The 25-year old virgin, Ms. A. said: "I was very confused. I do not know why (I had sex), but I trusted him. I thought he knew what he was doing" No commentary needed for this Health Outrage.
Glade, leaving you gasping for fresh air
Is someone unknowingly trying to poison you and your family right underneath your nose? Recently, I noticed that the woman, who comes to our home to help with house cleaning, was sprinkling a powder substance in a container onto our carpeting. I asked her to show me the container, so that I could read the ingredients. Unfortunately, much to my dismay, the company who manufactures the product chose not to list the ingredients anywhere on the container. However, they provided an 800 number for consumers to call if they had any questions. Well, as one might expect, after fighting my way through automated answering loops, being placed on hold, and transferred I finally was able to speak to a live person. The person I spoke too, who happen to be a pharmacologist and toxicologist, told me that the two main ingredients in the product I was inquiring about are sodium sulfate and sodium aluminumate. Furthermore, she went on to say that there was nothing to worry about because the ingredients were non-toxic. I explained to her that I believe the ingredients should be listed prominently on the product, informing consumers up-front before purchasing any product. After some discussion with her regarding my viewpoint on the potential toxicities and allergenicity of anything containing aluminum and sulfates, we simply agreed to disagree. By the way, the manufactured product is by S.C. Johnson, and is a carpet and floor deodorizer under the brand label Glade. I believe it is a Health Outrage that companies who sell products to the public are not required too list/disclose all contained ingredients.
Beware of the toxic deodorant cloud!
Recently, I went to a health club to exercise and use the spa facility. After coming out of the shower and drying off, I went over to the mirror area to finish getting ready to leave. Unfortunately, the person standing approximately two feet away from me was spraying an unbelievable amount of toxic aluminum B.O. juice under his seemingly endless armpit. Not only was this person contaminating himself, I too was being flooded with this poisonous Alzheimer's Disease creating pollution. When he noticed me fanning back the contaminated air, he said, "Is there something the matter?" When I finished what I thought was a brilliant dissertation of how he and the rest of the world should thwart the petrochemical industry as a whole, he simply replied, "oh well, we gotta go when we gotta go". That's a Health Outrage!
Pesticides Anyone?
Little is known about the use of chemical pesticides, or their effects on children's health in the nation's thousands of schools. Over 2,000 pesticide-related exposures in schools were reported to the poison-control centers over a three-year period. According to the GAO (General Accounting Office), the true numbers are likely under reported. LET US EDUCATE OUR CHILDREN NOT CONTAMINATE THEM, WITH POISONS AT SCHOOL. This is simply the tip of a toxic iceberg, but non-the-less it qualified as a Health Outrage.
Sugar Defense Tops Twinkie and Sleep Walking!
A man who stabbed his friend to death was allowed to walk a free man, after a judge cleared him of murder because of his diabetes. Medical reports showed Alasdair Padmore, a diabetic had too much insulin in his body and claims he suffered a three-hour blackout during which he killed Nicholas Trent and attacked police officers. When Mr. Padmore was interviewed later by police, he said he had no recollection of the incident. Personally, I find this story to bitter to swallow!
"Another Drug Claim Bites the Dust!"
A new class of painkillers, COX-2 inhibitors that were supposed to prevent ulcers and related side effects may actually limit the ability of the stomach and intestinal lining to heal itself, according to researchers. The two COX-2 inhibitors now on the market are the arthritis drugs Celebrex and Vioxx. These drugs are responsible for at least 10 deaths and can potentially cause the following symptoms: toxicity, tinnitis, ulcers, Headaches, dizziness, liver damage, cramps, nausea, rashes, weight gain, and cartilage destruction. Again, we ask where the F.D.A. was when the approval process was going on? Money talks and ulcers still happen! It is outrageous!
Was the FDA looking the other way?
The nation's largest maker of medical diagnostic tests agreed to a $100 million fine and to stop selling more than 100 of it's products until it corrects repeated violations of federal rules.
Abbot laboratories' violations date to 1993, according to the Food and Drug Administration, which sought a consent decree to settle the issue because Abbot did not correct the problems despite six years of government inspections and warnings. Abbot is not required to recall any tests, and patients who had their blood or other tissue samples tested at a laboratory using Abbot products are not advised to be re-tested, according to the FDA. If this same scenario had occurred related to a nutritional or car manufacturer, they would have been closed down back in 1993. That's an outrage!
Artificial Behavior
Nonprofit group decrees that the effects of diet on the behavior of children continue to be ignored. In a review of 23 studies by the Washington D.C. based center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI), they contend that the government, food industry, and medical professionals ignored evidence that some foods and additives may trigger symptoms of attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). In its research review, the CSPI found that 17 of 23 studies uncovered evidence that "some children's behavior significantly worsens after they consume artificial colors of certain foods, such as milk or wheat."
Play it smart this year!
As many of you know, flu season generally starts in the fall. Each year the message goes out encouraging the elderly (sixty five and older), and the infirm too, to get a flu shot. Well this year, health officials have lowered the bar by a whooping fifteen years. In other words, developing Influenza at age fifty is now considered a serious health risk. If that's not enough of a Health Outrage, there is more. I heard a prominent talk show host, by the name of Dr. Laura, mention that since she receives a flu shot everyone single man, woman, and child ought to get flu shot. Unfortunately, her influence and the proclivity of certain people to act like "sheeple," many will fall pray to her health outrageous recommendation. Dr. Laura, please keep your recommendations above the neck!
"Food Bugs"
The most powerful nation on earth is losing the battle of the "Food Bugs." Food poisoning sickens 76 million Americans every year. In a country considered to have the world's safest food supply, 76 million people are sickened, 325,000 hospitalized, and 5,000 die each year from food poisoning, according to new federal figures. It is outrageous that we can send people to the moon and back, yet we cannot figure out a way to solve the severe food poisoning problems in the U.S.
Dr. Frankenstein wants your tonsils!
Most children with recurrent ear infections will not obtain any benefit form surgery to remove their tonsils or adenoids, report US researchers. The research team conducted two 14 year clinical studies comparing adenoidectomy, tonsilectomy-adenoidectomy (T&A), and medical therapy (control group) in 410 children who had a history of frequent ear infections.
God only knows how many innocent children unnecessarily lost part of their immune system because doctors continue to believe they can make a better model. What a tragic Health Outrage!
Got beef? Get tumors.
Eating beef may raise a woman's risk of developing uterine fibroids, a leading cause of hysterectomies, according to Italian researchers. Fibroids, a type of benign tumor that grows in a woman's uterus, can cause abdominal pain, bleeding, infertility and increase the risk of miscarriage. The researchers speculated that meat consumption might raise estrogen levels in women, another risk factor in developing fibroids.
According to Kristin Kjerulff, of the University of Maryland Medical Center in Baltimore, fibroids can take 10 to 20 years to develop. We now understand why all the so-called health experts, who advocate a high cow diet, need to be whipped 20 times with an organic carrot.
Heart drug increases heart risks.
Just recently, doctors have received warnings about the safety of a drug used for over 250 years, after researchers found adverse side effects. Digoxin, made from foxglove or digitalis, has been in use since the 18th century, and currently prescribed to patients with heart failure and abnormal heart rhythms. Research into patients, and their medication immediately following a heart attack, has linked digoxin with an even greater risk of sudden death than previously thought. Is this supposed to be modern science? How about a Health Outrage!
Drug Companies Accused of Useless Donation?
Many drugs donated to developing countries by US pharmaceutical companies are non-essential, and almost a third fail to meet World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines for shelf-life, a study has found. The authors also investigated reports of drug companies dumping inappropriate medical supplies on refugee camps in exchange for tax breaks. I guess that's one way of cleaning out their warehouses of unwanted supplies, while enjoying a tax windfall. What an outrage!
Viagra for panda bears?
Remember that childhood tune, "everybody's doing it, doing it, and doing it. Picking their nose and chewing it, chewing it". Well, I'm anticipating a rhyme any day about the drug Viagra. In this week’s headlines, I learned that in order to ensure the panda bears population in China, one of country's "foremost panda researchers" recommended administering the drug Viagra to panda bears. Rather than trying to come to the realization that when you place animals in captivity, feed them different food and water than what they find in the wild, subject them to pollution and crowds of noisy human beings leaves these animals exhausted and unproductive. The answer is not a dangerous drug like Viagra that's been responsible for hundreds of human beings dying unnecessarily. A better solution maybe to tag the bears and turn them loose into the wild where they belong and deserve to be. As nature takes its course, they will multiply naturally. It's a health outrage and animal abuse, to drug these beautiful creatures, just because people, like former presidential candidate Bob Dole, not get a stiffer wallet for his endorsement.
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