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I am dictating this because I am now almost totally and permanently blind.

In late September 2011, I was referred to a retina specialist at New York I am here infirmary for a detached retina eye and diabetic proliferative retinopathy. This doctor, Uri Shabto confirmed the diagnosis and told me I needed vitreous surgery. He never explained any possible negative consequences of the surgery or what it even entailed. I was given to his surgical consultant who gave me prescriptions to fill before the surgery and a consent form which was presented to me as a release to schedule the surgery.

He used silicone oil during the surgery which I had not been told about and required additional surgery to remove. I also need it the same surgery in my right eye as well, which also included the silicone oil. After these for procedures, I developed vitreous hemorrhage, the doctor told me I needed additional vitreous surgeries, giving me no other option or explaining the consequences of having multiple vitreous surgeries and someone with my pre-existing conditions.

This doctor runs a patient factory, and spent hardly any time with me whatsoever. During this time, my eye pressures begin to rise from 12/14 - 2/20. I was never advised this was important or that this was a sign of impending glaucoma.

By May 2012, my vision in my left I had darkened considerably. The doctor dismiss this as being from scar tissue and told me to up my eyedrops to once an hour instead of twice per day. Within a week, my eye became red, swollen, irritated and I developed severe headache and nausea. Having never been worn this was a sign of glaucoma, I thought it was pinkeye.

When I finally went to see him, he immediately sent me to a glaucoma specialist who he apparently has worked closely with in the past. This doctor, never told me exactly what type of glaucoma i had, what caused it, or if any other treatment than a tube implant surgery which was very invasive and considering I was not likely to get any benefit, probably medically unnecessary. This was described as combination surgery since my other doctor would be participating, awesome.

Following the surgery, I was again reminded him extremely vague terms that I had glaucoma in my other eye and needed the same surgery to avoid losing my remaining vision. This surgery was presented as a further combination surgery, it was only after this procedure that I learned that I did not get an additional implant and what I actually had with cataract surgery. Neither Dr. had ever mention Cataracs to me in any context, and because of that misrepresentation of my surgery I did not believe my doctor when he told me I needed to still have the implant.

As my remaining vision rapidly begin to deteriorate this year, I requested my medical records from both doctors in March of this year. The glaucoma doctor compliant but it took two months for my retina specialist to supply surgical records and records from 2013 when I hardly saw him and well after the blinding event. During the review of the surgical records, I discovered that my former retina specialist had dictated surgical notes claiming the additional surgeries I had for vitreous hemorrhage were actually for retinal detachment. I had experienced retinal detachment previously, these were not retinal detachment's!

I had been told before and after the surgery that I had vitreous hemorrhage. It is my believe my insurance Company would not have paid for that procedure for vitreous hemorrhage. This is insurance fraud! I was also subjected to injections directly into my eyes without benefit of numbing drops and even had paracentesis, which is a needle inserted into the eye to lower pressure without benefit of numbing drops.

All the records of my rising eye pressures, of these injections, of the visit I made a week before I went totally blind in my left eye have gone suspiciously and conveniently missing. I have been given no explanation as to why almost my entire medical record from late September 2011 through the entire year of 2012 is now missing/destroyed/hidden. This doctor assumes because I am almost totally blind that I will be unable to do anything about the situation and so far, he has been proven absolutely correct.

My insurance company will not investigate without medical records, the state medical board will not investigate without records, a lawyer will not except my case without medical records and most importantly, even though this so-called physician has admitted losing/destroying almost like complete medical record, New York State will do absolutely nothing including keeping my complaint and him admitting that he actually lost or destroyed almost my entire medical record secret from the public.

I am now 43 years old, totally blind and dependent on Social Security disability benefits. I am extremely depressed and have lost almost all my friends and now live alone.

I was throwing up

My wife drove me to the (Ocean Medical) emergency room here in Brick, NJ on Saturday 8/03/2013 .because I was throwing up. When I was wheeled into the ER my stomach had settled. But no, this Dr. (Thomas Blake) who works for the hospital on weekends, told and showed his X-ray and told me that I had swallowed an X-Acto knife blade which was a bunch of bull----. He at that point administered a shot in me which took about a half an hour to work. Just in time for his assistant took his cell phone and showing my wife a glow in the corner of a black screen on the cell phone that -that was the problem. I saw this myself just before Dr. Lake from Ocean Medical was going to have a CT scan of my lower abdomen just before I past out.

When I came too (ten days later), I was in the recovery room in the Hospital. with a tube inserted into my penis---attached to a bag and a hose in my nose shoved down my throat. My wife told me that she had to change me several times because I had soft stool (just like changing a baby).

Orthopaedic surgeon barely examined my knee

I had problems with my right knee back in Sept 2009 and my GP referred me to an Orthopaedic Surgeon at a private hospital here in the UK. I was one of the lucky ones who had medical insurance through my work so I didn't have to wait 18 weeks to see someone on the NHS. This Orthopaedic surgeon barely examined my knee all he did was bend and straighten it. He decided that I had a torn meniscus cartilage. He didn't send me for an x-ray or an MRI.

My surgery was scheduled for 3 weeks later. On the day of surgery when he eventually arrived in my room for me to sign my consent form he had his back to me the whole time. He didn't explain the procedure or what the risks were for an arthroscopy. Infact he told me was a good job I had done my research on the procedure.

I woke up from surgery with a nurse leaning over me saying "it was a bit more complicated than we first thought" Basically he had found a piece of bone hanging off the end of my femur in the weight bearing part of my knee which he had screwed back meniscus cartilage had nothing wrong with them!!

What makes me angry is that he never sent me for an x-ray or even an MRI before hand that would have clearly shown the penny sized piece of bone. And he certainly did not discuss with me the possibility of a broken femur. I later got a copy of my medical notes from the hospital and read what my referring GP had written to him initially. In it he had explained that upon examination I really did not like the standard McMurrays test for cartilage tears as I was in pain. The surgeon had copied this into his reply letter back to my GP even though he never actually performed a McMurrays test on me himself when I first saw him!!!!

I feel that by sending me straight for surgery would have lined his pocket where as sending me for x-rays or MRI's would have been billed to the hospital and not him!

I spent months on crutches and even when I went to follow up appointments he barely said a word to me.

Before I left the hospital that day I photographed the surgical notes on my iPhone and looked it all up on the Internet......turns out I have Osteochondritis Dissecans and when I asked him if it was that only then did he confirm it!

Is it any wonder why so many patients look things up on the Internet when the treating clinicians don't communicate important things to their patients!

Kind Regards

Emergency room nightmare
Where do I begin, first let me say I am now terrified of the E.R. In may of this year I had three days with a fever over 103░, and difficulty breathing, it finally got so bad, my husband called 911, I arrived via ambulance to our only hospital in our town, and they immeadiately placed a mask on me that sucked over my nose and mouth so tightly that it made me feel like I was smothering, I was so scared that I kept taking the mask off, instead of the doctor using a different mask , one they later used for the breathing treatments, This doctor had them strap me down and said to his nurse" I am tired of messing with her, take her down NOW !!!, he never asked me if there was any one I needed to call, I heard him say they were going to intubate, I begged them not to, He pretended not to hear me, the nuse lowered my head and I was in a medically induced coma for the next twelve days. When they woke me the only thing I could move were my eyes, I was scared mostly because I had never physically seen anyone in a coma before, and no one told me what to expect, and I was in horrible pain, I also had developed these open sores in my nose and on my mouth from the friction of the movement of the breathing tubes. I now have these ugly scars on my face. It seems I also had feces all down between my legs that the ekg technician alerted the nurses about, they were arguing about who was gonna clean me up, they kept saying that it wasn't their job to "wipe my ass", I was mortified. It kept happening over and over again, when my fingers finally worked well enough to push the call button for the nurses station, I was told they would be there when they could, Once it was nearly two hours that I layed there like that, by now my bottom was blistered, what was coming out of me was hot. This time that same came by to look at my ankles to check for swelling, he lifted the covers up and when he saw the waste between my legs he made a puking sound, threw his arms up in the air and left without telling the nurses to clean me, and just walked out of the room, it was days before I saw him again, when they extubated me it seems I flatlined for over five minutes apparently I had a heart attack, now I was no longer their problem to the mmicu, now I was the cardiac .intensive care units problem. It turns out that there was a whole different kind of care I recieved there, these folks were very sweet to me. I Did not know how sick I really was until I got my medical records upon my discharge. I was severely septic, I had two separate myocardial infarcts, and I had acute respiratory distress syndrome.I was potassium deficient, and my blood pressure was so low, they watched me like a hawk with someone constantly monitoring my blood pressure and heart rate. it has been four months since Ive been home and I keep having nightmares about this as well as not being able to get out of bed except for drs.appointments. I am now so afraid of dying that I think about nothing else. My husband says I should see a psychiatrist. I think he may be right.
Thrown From a Car
I was thrown from a car when I was 15 yrs old. I landed on my lower back and head. After my first child, I began having sciatic problems. Years later I could no longer tolerate the pain. I had my first surgery by a very well respected surgeon, Dr. R.Thorn. He knew my lifestyle and tried to establish a secure base by using a clamp in my lower S1 area after fusing both sides. A year goes by and one side had not fused and a screw was moved again causing horrible pain. My insurance made me go to UCLA's ortho dept.

There the head surgeon Dr.Steve Garfin reviewed my MRI. Quickly he remarked about using to much metal and that I had to have a two part surgery. 1. They go in through my back and remove all the inserted metals, the five days later #2 they go in through my stomach and refuse the area, taking bone from my hip and then turning me back over and insert screws. So, I WALK into the hospital, go under and wake up paralyzed. I'm strapped flat on my back. Asking I can't feel my left side and simply his response was "Be glad you can feel your right side". Then for the next ten days I'm completely out of it from the medication. They move me to a room on the tenth day and bring me back to a conscious state of mind. It was on a Saturday morning, no one around, the Dr. working the floor released me. I refused the wheelchair, I couldn't let my young daughters see me like that. I took a walker and filled a prescription for 150mg of fentanol patches. I thought I just had back luck and a bad back. Went into my check ups and his assistants tried to explain it away by blaming the surgeon who opened me up through my stomach, though it happened after the first surgery??? Anyway, six months I go stumbling into my follow up appt. This is the first time I've seen or spoken to him since the remark in the hospital after the first surgery. He is all kind and asks why I'm stumbling and limping. As I'm sitting on the table in the very small room he is conversing with his assistant. This is what I hear "Oh, this is the one we didn't have the right tool for". Not quick enough to react and jump on him with my hands around his neck. I don't act as if I even heard a word they said. I agree to a new MRI. After that visit I go to my original surgeon. Asking if you needed any tools to remove the clamp that was in my back. There was a special locking device that you needed the tool to remove it. I told Dr. Thorn what I heard and he put his head down and left the room. I find out that Dr. Garfin never even ordered copies of my medical records from my first surgery. He never even spoke to the company who supplies the equipment until afterwards. He broke titanium bolts from my back causing several dural tears into my spinal cord, leaving me to live in the most horrid torture chamber. The nerve pain, I would have episodes of continuous shocking tremors that would cripple me screaming for hours, 19 hours once. I went from being very active, involved to having to have myself detoxed from the coma state I lived in from the medicine, I live in pain, I've turned into a hermit and I just try to put on a brave face for my daughters. If it were not for them, I'd have caused Garfin the same fate as he gave me and then I'd put myself out of my misery. No one deserves to suffer year after year. This was done by the lead teaching ortho surgeon from one of the largest teaching hospitals in Southern Calif. No attorney would touch my case because of him being protected by the University.

They all just told me not to give up finding an attorney because the case was so horrible unthinkable, though they would be buried by the University and couldn't afford to take the case. The law for malpractice is two years here in Calif. I wasn't under sound mind to even find a good attorney. It has been 6 years and I still live this horrible nerve pain, I tried nerve stimulators and no surgeon in would consider tempting to go back into surgery. The almost promise I'll come out completely paralyzed. Be very careful when considering surgery into you spinal cord. From your head to the tail of your back, it is not worth the risk and every possible means of trying to correct it without that knife should be made. The risks should be completely presented in a manner which equals the severity of what could happen. Garfin thought he was GOD or someone. Why didn't he just close me up? What was in his head? He has no business teaching students, let alone practicing medicine at all. I've heard many more stories about him, it is very sad that he hides behind that school. My daughter wants to go to medical school, it will not be UCLA. =
Horror Story 1.
Called G.P because of pain and bleeding from period Doubled over in pain, Called for appt got one for 2 weeks away. OMG I am in pain told the woman making the appt. nothing we can do do you want to keep your appt. yes I told her. Went in two weeks later, Doctor told me I had 10 mins to explain what was going on she was to busy today . ok I told her and she said it is just your menstruation, ok so why the pain still. IDK do you want a blood test? What is that not the call of the doctor to decide this. Yes I said. Come to find out 3 weeks later a call for my blood test "I was pregnant" what I said she told me I was very pregnant according to the blood test. I told her I still was bleeding and pain she then told me I had an appt with the " baby doc" ok, I said she gave me the appt and soon then went . Sonogram ? blood work. Wait for doctor to talk to me and hubby. Nothing doctor was confused on why they sent me to him. Blood work showed I was not preg and to have my blood count drop so fast to 0 was not correct. And the pain and bleed there is a problem somewhere. He then looked and did more test . Now No more children for me or husband . Full on Hysterectomy because of this mess, it was my only option per doctor. Called Place that did blood work and they told us that there was a mistake made with the blood not once but 3 times.
Horror Story 2.
Went to new dr for neck pain, coughing and general feeling not well. He looked at my neck and said nothing wrong with it, mmm I though I must have a good doctor he has x-ray vision, cough he said was allergies. Ok? He then prescribed antibiotics for cough. Left. 2 weeks later made another appt because I now had full blown bronchitis w/ 102 fever to match. Different antibiotics and 3 week follow up. 3 week follow up, he said everything was good minus cough x-rays to see what's going on, x-ray tech was confused he only ordered one side for x-ray she asked if I had broken ribs ? no I said I had bronchitis dr. ordered x-rays to check lungs. She said not with this order? What I said he ordered x-rays for one side of chest. Right only. Called dr and he told tech just do that one side it will be ok I can see everything from that. Got x-ray and was told lungs are good, while in his office I asked why still coughing 2 months later. New prescription ready for this, "Prozac" will stop the cough and clam you down. Left office.
Horror Story 3.
Went to new doctor still coughing, .. blood work, x-ray for neck, stress test, she did breathing treatments and got shots to open airways. Ok so now what, wait for everything to come back in.

Blood work from her standards: vitamin b and D too low.

Pre- diabetic. Too much iron.

Stress test:Bad heart and lungs:

Dr told me I needed shots to correct the vitamin problem, but the shot might make me gain weight. What gain weight and I am pre-diabetic. Not to worry. For heart and lungs we can do in house testing and treatment? I asked her for a referral to a cardiologist unknown to me her partner, did ekg, sono of heart. Told me I had C.H.F. And a murmur. Omg no chest pains nothing ever, how can this be?

Put me on meds for my heart.

My blood pressure dropped to 80/40 (yes low) called cause I was feeling really bad, dizzy coughing more , if it low drink tomato juice. What I said really.. ok..

2 days later hubby found me passed out on floor, no idea where I was what time nor day it was. Called doctor again.. no response no call no email nothing. Stopped meds.

Found a new doctor for a 2nd opinion.

New doctor:

EKG. Sono for heart , blood pressure . Blood pressure a bit high not to worry borderline. Ekg, 30 mins on it nothing wrong, Sono nothing wrong, He told me the stress test was inconclusive that means they could not see or hear anything on it. Malfunction of the test invalid. Go see a pulmologist for cough.


As a caregiver for 25 yrs, I have many horror stories regarding the drugging of the elderly. My worst case was a 94 yr old on Zyprexa from a Psychiatrist.  I called my agency to ask that we cancel her appt due to the 114* temp that summer day, was told no, took her in her wheelchair in and out of the car and office, and all he did was prescribe while she tried to talk to him. She developed the condition that causes a person to be unable to sit still and one day for 7 hrs straight, all she did was go from the sofa to the toilet, do nothing, and go back and forth exhausted.  Could not stop to even prepare lunch.  She told me her chest was causing discomfort.

Try admitting a late 80's or 90's old person into the hospital. They refuse.

My mother was refused with pneumonia and told Medicare doesn't cover it (She was 94) and it was not serious enough.  We were taken to a nursing home.  I have seen many of these cases. This is the same plan going on with babies, children, teens and adults.  No different; it is NOT to keep them or any of us quiet. Connect the dots.  No one does.Get Dr.Tracy on and she will tell you the true # of murders due to these antidepressants. I knew a teen from foster care who ran away from home and without his meds would have died if he had not gotten drunk. The doctors told the family that.
What are they accomplishing by all this? Along with Chemtrails, GMO's, MSG, fluoride etc.?  Connect the dots.
Anthrax Vaccine
my health has been messed up by the anthrax vaccine. fatigue,joint pain,headaches and dizziness. any suggestions.
Tubal Litigation
I went in for a routing tubal litigation. Two days off work, easy we thought. I was sent home four hours after surgery and was in pain, but figured it would subside eventually.

Three days later I could not take the pain anymore and went to the emergency room. They kept me there on antibiotics for two days and sent me home saying it was an infection.

I had pain in my left side that never went away. One week later I was back in the emergency room and told that my abdomin was full of blood. Doctor said he better go in and "take a look around". The pain from my last surgery was so bad, I was reluctant, but agreed.

I came out of surgery with no "real answers". Yea, there is blood in there and yea I think I saw a blood clot. I called another surgeon who said close me up and get out.

Still in the hospital. Three days later an infectious diesease doctor shows up. Infectious dieseas? What? I had some rare bacteria that about 4% of the people in hospitals catch. Sounds like staff to me.

Next day another surgion shows up and says that he would be the one to go in again should the blood clot need to be taken out.

Three days later. Still in hospital, several antibotic iv's later. The original surgeon very defensive to questions. I want to know how the blood got there. I dunno. I have never had anything happen like this.

Ten days in hospital now, nurse runs in and says stop eating. You gotta have an emergency procedure in a few hours. Naturally no one is around to tell me what it is going to be. Finally the nurse realizing that no one is coming, she explains that I need to go to radiology for a drainage bag to be inserted.

Twelve days later I go home with drainage bag and after constant asking the original surgeon says "well, maybe I nicked something while I was in there".

I go home frustrated an in pain.

I go to the other surgeon to get drainage bag out. It hurt.

Three days later the day before I'm supposed to finally go back to work after five weeks, I'm in tremendous pain. Back to ER room. I literraly thought death would be something to consider. ER doc says its Quadrant Lumbar Syndrome. More pain pills, go home.

The pain specialist the only doctor really helping me decides he can't treat me anymore because there are too many doctors involved having me on too many things. Can't blame him. I'm loosing my mind.

Three visits back to the original surgeon because I still have pain under my left rib cage, down my abdomen and back. It's constant and I am going crazy still. He says it could be IBS now or probably Quadratis Lumbar. Go to physical therapy and here is some meds that will turn off your nervous system usually given to people who have seizures.

Its the next day. Spent it with my mom and trying to hide how much pain I am really in. My husband is constantly worried about me. I can't exercise anymore. My whole life is changed forever and no one can help me.
I had a subtotal (took out 80% of large intestine) colectomy in December, the surgical treatment for rectal prolapse/chronic constipation. Now, of course, I wish I never had let them do it. Since surgery, my small intestine has not acted normally-lots of gurgling, gas,cramping, overactiveness, have to go to the bathroom so often (up to 24 times a day)I can't even get a good nights sleep. Stools are essentially brown water. I understand that the lg.intestine is supposed to suck up this extra water. What is strange is that right after surgery it wasn't even this watery, just as often though. I feel there is some other reason for the diarrhea. Making guesses on my own with a nice physician assistant willing to help me try anything!, I have taken gluten out in case surgery instigated celiac, and I took primal defense bacteria, oral yeast med and rectally used yeast meds which seemed to clear up a horribly burned rectal area. The most painful to the skin bouts will be bright yellow stool/ if bile salts are involved?? Can you offer an explanation for such strange digestion post surgically, when before surgery I never had so much as a mere stomache ache..ever! Thank you for any advice you may have to offer. My surgeon has been useless and avoids my questions.
Open Heart Surgery
in 2002 i had open heart surgery quadbypass they fixed all of that and i did well. about 3 or 4 months after i noticed a lump on my left side under my rib well i thought it was normal due to the surgery. i started having a low grade fever all the time diarea vomiting and abdomial swelling. my dr. ordered a battery of test nothing showed up in any of the organs they checked but i still have the same problem and it is getting worse iam tired of trying to go on like this i think they left something in me from heart surgery but i can't get anyone to go that route to find out if you can help please let me know.
my ovaries were damaged after having sex in a pool. was it the chlorine thatcaused this damage???
Came across your site. Very interesting! I was wondering if anyone could give me their opinion concerning a gynecologist who went "against" a signed consent form, and "chose" to play God! My consent form which I signed at the hospital was for an abdominal hysterectomy (possible) oophorectomy. The gynecologist NEVER once thought that I would go to look into my operative and my pathology report. His reason for "castrating" me was: "This hysterectomy is probably being done for various indications, probably the greatest being psychatric or emotional, her heavy menses her statements and anemia". My pathology report read that I did not have anything wrong with ANY of my female reproductive organs, except that I had a "hemorrhagic corpus luteum", which is also called a "chocolate cyst", on my left ovary. From what I have researched up to now, a "chocolate cyst" is a cyst that is able to be "cleaned" up during surgery! I should not of ever lost my 2 ovaries! When I asked this "so called" gynecologist why he did this, his answer was: " Because I do not want to see you back in my office in a year or two "complaining" that one or both of your ovaries are sore. Then that would mean that I will have to go back in and remove one or both of them"! This "so called" gynecologist decided to play God and use his "carte blanche" to do whatever he wanted to do! I wonder HOW many more women he's done this to and do not know! After all, how many people go back to get their operative and pathology report where it concerns having had "any" sort of surgery????????? Thank you for reading this e-mail!!!!! Thanks for this site. Very encouraging to write to! Hoping to receive a response......
Involuntary Committed
The sedative was still active, when he arrived at the emergency room, and he went back to sleep on a gurney. His sleep was disturbed by a voice instructing him to "change into these". They were hospital garbs, He changed, and was escorted to the psychiatric ward. He was not a psychiatric patient under the care of any doctor, a homeless, unemployed, person with psychiatric disabilities, dangerous to himself, others, or gravely disabled. At no time, he was in need of medical treatment, requested medical treatment, and received medical treatment from doctors.

Despite his protests, he was held captive. During his stay, he refused to take any medication. He was physically restrained, and forcible drugged, in addition to being deprived of sleep.

Court and Hospital records show, the following day after his detention, a homeless, unemployed, fifty four year old, Black, male, paranoid with delusions, of people stalking and wanting to hurt him arrived by ambulance from the same hospital from which he was transferred. The patient's last name, date of birth and social security number was the same as his. The patient's first name was almost exactly as his. Following a psychiatric examination, pursuant to Mental Hygiene Law, the staff physician determined that the mentally ill patient was likely to seriously harm himself, others, and was in need of immediate observation, care, and treatment in a mental hospital. He was "involuntary committed".

The patient's attending physician determined that his insight and judgment were impaired, he was delusional, angry, scared, stressed, hopeless, and hostile toward others.

The patient was further examined by three additional doctors who determined among other things that he was suicidal, isolated, guarded, suspicious, unable to maintain himself even marginally. Without the recommended anti psychotic medication he [the patient] will spend an inordinate amount of time on the inpatient unit. And he should remain "involuntarily committed" and medicated over his objections.

Thirty days later a hearing was held and he was ordered to show cause, why he should not remain "involuntary committed", and medicated over his objections.

Thirty days later, a hearing was held, the captive was ordered to show cause, why he should not remain "involuntary committed", and medicated over his objections. Pursuant to an order of the Court he was was immediately released from the psychiatric ward.

I went home.

Today even though I was not a psychiatric patient under the care of any doctor, was not a homeless, unemployed, person with psychiatric disabilities, dangerous to myself, others, or gravely disabled. And at no time, was in need of medical treatment, requested medical treatment, and received medical treatment of any kind, from doctors. On the basis of doctors falsifying hospital records, and using my personal identification information for fraudulent means I am labeled "mentally ill" by the State, and have been assessed charges for services rendered in the thousands.
I was having problems with my blood sugar and went to a M.D. on recommendation from a co-worker. My blood sugar rose to 130 and he put me on Avandia. One month later I started having sweats, chills, hyperactivity, and insommnia. I went to specialist and he was shocked that I was put on Avandia. I was taken of of it immediately. It is a very serious drug and it was my thyroid that was low, causing my blood sugar to rise. It has now been one year and I am still having the same symtoms eventhough I am on thyroid medication. I have read and asked many questions to every pharmacist that will listen. They all agree that I should have never been put on Avandia. I'm not sure how long my symtoms will last but believe me I am very involved with my health now! I will not ever go on amy medication without first asking, reading everthing I can possibly find!
Hammer Toe
this story regards my sister not me but I felt compelled to tell it on her behalf. she had surgery a year ago to adress a hammer toe issue and the results were disastrous. she was given no post operative care or physical therapy regimen. She began to experience pain in both feet shortly after the procedure but attempts to contact the doctor that performed the procedure were unsuccessful. Six weeks went by before she was scheduled to attend an internship through her school, Bastyr University, to complete her acupuncture training and obtain her license. The only advice her doctor gave her was to wear cotton between her toes, which she did. After walking on her feet and in chronic pain for several months (during which time she attempted to contact the original podiatrist who had since relocated to the east coast) she sought advice from other doctors. She had developed plantar faciatitus which in turn resulted in a cramping of the muscles connected to her metatarsals on the 2nd an d 3rd toe of both feet. This caused her bones of her toes to drop which caused the muscles in her feet to spasm chronicly. The chronic pain has developed into a syndrome called reflux sympathetic dystrophy which in turn is causing her nerves to deteriorate. She has seen over a dozen doctors, physical therapists, orthopedic surgeons, and been to the Harborview foot and ankle clinic as well. A year ago she salsa danced and played in basketball tournaments. Today she can barely stand for any length of time. She was forced to quit her acupuncture practice which she just started at a local clinic and can barely hold down her second job, as a records specialist at a hospital. She is clinically depressed and on neurontin, which hasn't had any significant affect on the pain. I and other members of her family have tried to find out any information to help her but haven't had much success. If anybody knows anything about this type of condition (reflux sympathetic dystrophy) could you please let us know. I'm not sure how you would go about it at this forum but whatever information anybody has (including Dr. Bob, and yes I am going to try the NerveFix) please respond. She's only 28 and her career as a acupuncturist and herbal medicine, which she invested 6 years of her life, is at stake. Please respond, thank you and God Bless.
Caught On Fire
Well hear i go afew years ago in labor my husband and I are off to the hospital to have our child being that my obgyn was on vacation and I went into labor a week earily I was stuck with one of the others in his office that was fine but heres where it all changes during the c-section I WAS CAUGHT ON FIRE yes u read right 'fire' with the device used to make the inssion mind u I was awake and my husbands right there water was poured on me gown was removed and off we were to another O.R. where the baby was taken complely out and I lost my right tube and ovarie and the doctor covers his ass by saying it wouldnt stop bleeding when what really happened a frantic doctor forcing it back in busted the ovarie with his thumb sending a stream of blood up towards my face on to the divider but being that my husband is'nt a doctor him see it happen means nothing. not to mention I will live with the burns forever on my lower right side of my body.It's amazing what doctor's get away with!!! I tried making this story short and as understandable as possible without all the emotion. Thanks
A friend of my husband referred us to a doctor after my doctor of over 30 years retired. The new doctor didn't like us and refused to do a simple test for our family hereditary anemia. Other doctors refused to treat us, too, but I didn't think much about it. Then I developed a hemorrhoid. Instead of looking at my hemorrhoid, a nurse shoved her entire arm up my anal opening and violently rotated, moving the vertibrea in the middle of my back. Tests show new scar tissue on my kidneys, ovaries & uterus. My bowels and urine are restricted, causing more damage to my kidneys. A doctor who promised to get good pictures of the damage to my colon, instead, used air to inflate my intestines like a huge beachball, then jumped on me, rupturing my colon. Then he poked my rectum many times and laughed at the torture he was putting me through. I've been referred to surgeons, but they have been instructed not to fix my bleeding injuries. I've been given up to 2 years let to get my a ffairs in order. Lawyers will not help, citing "conflict of interest". Upon my death, I hope an autopsy will show I was murdered. ..all because of my husband friend who doesn't like me and a hemorrhoid.
I was admitted to the hospital in January of 2002 with a severe headache. The dr had NO idea what it was, they did a LP and the oressure was 330. In doing that with the pressure so high it caused my brain to herniate. THEN, they gave me 550mg of morphine in a 2 day period causeing me to have a stroke which caused blindness in the left eye and almost deaf in the left ear. Also, since then I have gained 90 lbs from hypothryoidism and no dr can seem to get a handle on it. What should I do?
Slipped Disc
One morning I woke up and could not get out of bed because of pain this went on for months. Finally they took a xray and it showed that I had L4/L5 slipped disc. We did a mylogram since the legs were going numb. So my first back surgery was in 2001. Needless to say it worked for awhile. Then in 2003 the same area they took out the other half of the disc they left in. Then 8/2004 it has started all over and now adds the L4/L5 and L5/S1. So most likely another surgery which happens to be number three!!! These surgeries have taken place in Charlotteville, Virginia. Thank you for letting me vent my frustrations.
Breast Reduction
last september i had a breast reduction on the n.h.s i had doctors and nurses examing me ithout any glooves on the day after the operation one of the drainnige tubes came ou i buzzed for the nurse,he came and looked and put her hand on the tube which was under my arm and said i will attach another one dont worry i told her she shouldnt have touched it without glooves and that she couldnt attach another one now she had touched it as i could get infection so she took the remaining tube out.the following day i was in agony so i phoned the hospital up for advice they said it was normal and not to worry i wen to the dressing clinic and told them about the pain and that i thought i had an infection,hey told me i hadnt and that everything was fine.i decided to go to my gps he put me on antibiotics as one of my breast was red and really sore and hard again i went back to dressing clinic and they said i was fine and that i never had an infection.i was backwards and forwards to my gp as i was in agony again he gave me antibiotics and painkillers and took a swab by that time id already been on antibiotics for a while and the swab results came back ok.when the consultant cut me he cut me an inch above my breast line and right under my arms they looked awfull,i started getting holes on my nipple and underneath where id been cutafter about 5 month the holes heeled but my right nipple looks deformed and puckered the scars are wide and a mess you can see my scar on my cleavege because he hasnt cut me low enough my right breast is a lot smaller than my left one,and the nipple on my left breast is not situated in the centre all in all there a mess and im so depressed.when i look in the mirror at them i cry.i went back to see the surgeon and told him but i kept getting upset and angry telling him i wish id gone private,as this wouldnt have happened .he suggested i see his college and get him to correct it if i wasnt happy so i did.but the problem now is because i was so dep pressed i ate and put stone and half on and he said he wont operate until ive lost that weight im really trying but its so hard as im so frightened what if i go back in and they make them worser or i loose my nipple.ive also got lots of fat under my arms which he says he will use liposuction please help me im so deppressed.
my daughter was 16yrs at the time she went in for endometrosis, so when dr x went he burned the endometrosis,, and instead of lifting her ureter tube he cut it,, my daughter lost her kidney in 6mos iam devasted,, they say she can have a baby,, and the other tube has some damage on it,, my question can she have a baby, or would she be at high risk that this other kidney can fail.. if there is any one out there that has gone through and had a baby with one kidney and it failed,, i would love some info. please help me..
Drug Interaction
My story is not about's about my Dad, who died on 4/25/03. On 4/18/03, he walked into an ER in SE Oklahoma, complaining of breathing difficulties. Home Medications: Zithromax (for his bronchitis) & Coumadin (for irregular heartbeat). These drugs were noted on admission chart. (I believe if the ER physician would have performed that initial PT/INR that day, results would have indicated his breathing difficulties were a result of the Zithromax-Coumadin drug interaction.) However, for the entire hospitalization period, his physician ordered no coagulation testing. New drugs were administered, including Levaquin, Ativan, Phenergan, etc. -- no testing...even though the hospital's own website states the importance of close PT/INR monitoring when these drugs are given to anyone being prescribed Coumadin.

To make a long story short, on my Dad's 7th hospital day, he developed a bleed, which resulted in his death on the 8th day. His INR was 70, his PT was 100, critical levels.

I requested a copy of the chart upon his death, as his physician had advised he died of Dad had never even been on home oxygen...ever. Chart told the true Dad required blood several days before he died...none was given. His BUN was severely elevated days before he died indicating kidney one noticed...labwork results were never reviewed. My Dad bled to death from lack of monitoring.

It was a week from hell for my Dad, and for our family.

If you have loved ones on Coumadin, please make sure that during hospital stay...ASK IF STAFF IS MONITORING COAGULATION. Don't take it for granted that these professionals are doing their job, because it was obvious in my Dad's case, they failed miserably.


I just wish I had it to do over again.
Flu Shot
When I worked monitoring medical care in the nursing homes in the Valley, for 4 1/2 years, I spoke with many nurses. It was common knowledge that after the patients were given the flu shot, there was a high incidence of patients developing pneumonia. Also, there was a high incidence of the flu. It is easy for patients to refuse to take the flu shot. They can refuse it verbally, this is written in their chart, and there is no reprisal from the doctor or nurses. It is the right of the patient to refuse the shot when the nurses come around on flu shot day, which is when the vaccine becomes available, in the fall. The information I am reporting to you is common knowledge in the nursing homes, and everyone can learn from this.
IBS Outrage
Maybe this will qualify as an outrage of the week (maybe even of the year?). My friend who was healthy as a horse, started having minor bowel problems, diagnosed with IBS, put on drugs by her doctor before I could get her the Bowel Soothe, condition worsened, then kidney problems and a hint of possible dialysis in the future, then talk of carotid surgery, all the time increasing drugs and adding more, then a slight stroke, several hospital stays and an equal number of nursing home stays, (8 in all) until she is completely incoherent, and doesn't know why she is at home or who she is, being cared for by an aging and sickly daughter and her daily intake is as follows: Amiodarone, aspirin, Atenolol, Colazal 3X day, Diovan, Effexor XR, Hydralazine 3X day, Levothroid, Lipitor, Lomotil 3X day, Norvasc, Plavix, Prednisone, and only if needed: Lortab. And - oh yes - Acidophilus! And the good doctors are still talking Carotid surgery. Can you believe it? I honestly think I've lost her.
Flu Shot
>After having flu shot i got lump in my neck. This is the first time i got the flu shot.everytime i told about the incident to the doctors no one want to answering me. Actually i didnt ask the doctor for flu shot.

I am worrying about my health . They did biopsy last week and waiting fo r the answer.
Flu Shot
When I worked monitoring medical care in the nursing homes in the Valley, for 4 1/2 years, I spoke with many nurses. It was common knowledge that after the patients were given the flu shot, there was a high incidence of patients developing pneumonia. Also, there was a high incidence of the flu. It is easy for patients to refuse to take the flu shot. They can refuse it verbally, this is written in their chart, and there is no reprisal from the doctor or nurses. It is the right of the patient to refuse the shot when the nurses come around on flu shot day, which is when the vaccine becomes available, in the fall. The information I am reporting to you is common knowledge in the nursing homes, and everyone can learn from this.
My mother was told a year ago that her cholesterol was 268. She started heavily focusing on her diet, started exercising etc. She is 52 years old this year and in her most recent physical her count only went down to 263. The doctor insisted Lipitor and despite her better judgment she started taking it. She immediately began to have so many problems including waking up in the middle of the night with what she thought was a severe anxiety attack. Her hips and legs hurt so much that she could not get out of bed some days. She just returned from the doctor and after a cardiogram it appears Q waves are apparent and she may have had a heart attack. I am convinced this is due to the lipitor since it all started almost immediately. She is at her wits end and does not know what to do. I have told her to start including flax oil in her diet and I believe she started using salmon oil. Is there anything else she can due that does not have the horrible side effects that these statin type medicines have? Please help me help my mother.
I am 42 year old married female with 3 children 20, 18 and 16 I had scoliosis at 16 and herrington rods put in which I still have this year I had cataract surgery in both eyes The virtuous fluid dumped into my right eye and I had emergency laser surgery now I have tonnes of floaters and flashes Shortly after that cataract surgery my blood pressure has been consistenly high sometimes very high and my calves started to vibrate or twinge pretty frequently through out the day I saw a neurosurgeon who said it was vasicullar fascillations now they are spreading all throughout my body and I am afraid it could be ALS I am scheduled to go back to the neurosurgeon in two weeks Is there any possibility it could be anything else? and what can I do naturally if anything to try and combat whatever it is Please let me know I am having trouble sleeping partyly as I am so scared but also because my moving body keeps me awake Thanks
I am the mom of an 11 month old Hep. B. vaccine injured child. God Bless you for your report on Hep. B. vaccines, I only wish I would have read it prior to my child receiving the two Hep. B.'s (no other shots). The best term for what is going on in this country is GENOCIDE! Keep educating people; perhaps one day the FDA & CDC will stop being partners w/the pharmaceutical cos. Hopefully this will happen sooner than later; otherwise, we will share the same fate as the Roman Empire.
My husband is a veteran and was told at the Az. veterans clinic today that he has too much protein showing in his urine sample. He has but one kidney anyway. They practically insisted on Tuesday that he receive a flu shot so he got one. On Wed. he became very ill and has been sick ever since. All the symptoms of flu. But he has been very tired lately and his urine has a funny color. Do you know of anything he could take to help with his kidney problem? He has a lot of pain in his lower stomach and genital area also. Thanks for any help you might give. After seeing him suffer, I will not be getting any flu shot, I will stick with Sambuchol.
I have a tidbit that may be of interest. My Dr put me on Evista 2001= A yr later I had this terrible buzz in my hear-like electric short circuit. A yr later another one and afew months later 2 in one day. I had all the tests for my head but all was normal. But he told me to not take Evista. This put me into depressed anxiety..So he put me on Zoloft which has helped.Should be off that soon..A friend of mine took Evista and it made her eyes dance.. Thought this might be of interest to you.
Patient Wins Award After Surgery Mishap
Tue Oct 7, 8:19 PM ETMIAMI - A man whose doctors left a 16-by-28-inch surgical towel in his abdomen after he underwent surgery for an aortic aneurysm was awarded $455,000 in damages Tuesday.

William Barlow, 62, developed a blood infection and fever after leaving the Veteran's Administration hospital in December 2000, according to a summary of the case released by the judge. The towel was removed four months later.

The VA conceded fault on the forgotten towel but tried to limit the damage award, citing Barlow's poor health and obesity. A message left with the government's attorney was not returned.

U.S. District Judge Ursula Ungaro-Benages, who heard the trial without a jury, decided Barlow's existing medical problems, including emphysema and diabetes, were aggravated by the infection, the 10-day stay for the towel's removal and the quick succession of major surgeries.

Barlow also had surgery to remove a cancerous kidney in 2000.
Subluxation Of The Vertebra In The Cervical Area
I slowly developed an ache and pain in the back of my neck that caused me great pain when I laid down in bed but less when I was standing. I went to a chiropractor who took x-rays and examined me and told me that I had a subluxation of the vertebra in the cervical area. After almost two months of his therapy it did not improve and got worse. I even started to get a foot drop on my right side. The chiropractor did not see any significance to this new sign. I finally went to a neurologist and after having a MRI and some other radiological tests - it was discovered that I had a meningioma on my spinal cord. I underwent neck surgery and have been symptom free since that time. - over ten years ago.

As most chiropractors are not well trained and continue to support a concept of therapy that manual manipulation is the key to recovery, it is important to see a qualified practitioner who is not afraid of allopathic or osteopathic medicine contacts.

Thanks - I hope that this will help your listeners and readers in selection of a qualified practitioner.
Dear Richard,
Thank you for your e-mail.

First, all chiropractors are taught about and understand the significance of foot drop. Further, a chiropractor's training includes radiologic recognition of meningioma. Unfortunely, the specific chiropractor you went to chose not to refer you to a neurologist. What you experienced, is an isolated case of malpractice. Did you file suit against the chiropractor? Did you prevail?

Over the years, i've diagnosed many spinal diseases missed by M.D.'s and D.O.'s. In fact, if everyone stopped visiting allopaths because of a mistates by individual practitioners, the profession would cease to exist.

To suggest the elimination of any profession simply because of the action(s) of certain individuals, is flat-out-STUPID.
Dear Dr. Bob,
Thanks for your early response to my Email. I certainly to not want to see the elimination of any profession due to a few bad apples.
Cervical Discectomy
Hypocrite-ic Oaf ... Medical Professionals --- The protected class of Nevada. or "Come to Nevada, where your best medical bet, is your pet's local vet."

For the past year, my wife has been the victim of sub-standard medical care in the state of Nevada.

Of course, the ensuing malevolence was deemed acceptable by the powers-that-be. However, after much investigation, it was found that the greater the medical debacle, the greater the support from the various state agencies to hide any extreme errors. This obtuse approach maintains solace in the community and ensures that the system's defects are concealed. The result is that the cattle are put out to pasture to die without recourse for injury to life or quality of life. Of course, what is sub-standard? Is it below regulatory standards, or below acceptable standards, such as ambiguous, inferior, unacceptable, life threatening, quality of life threatening, and publicly endangering? For this context, let's accept the latter, as it is obvious that the governing bodies have lowered the bar on quality healthcare standards over the years.

The core situation involved two anterior cervical discectomy with fusion (ACDF) surgeries in 2002. The first, in February 2002, was to repair C5-C6-C7 disc damage. The second, in October 2002, was to remove and replace the supporting plate and screws --- which broke, causing failure of the fusion, thus re-breaking her neck. After the second surgery, the entire situation turned into a ludicrous spectacle instead of a situation with a path of resolution. Obviously, this is only a cursory overview of this fiasco --- there's much more to this!

It is interesting to note that I did query my wife's surgeon on the issue of material fatigue when the screws broke. He told us that everything "will be fine," after the fusion and the screws broke, if he leaves the situation alone. However, when I mentioned that she was having trouble breathing, swallowing, and was spitting up blood with a sore throat in addition to the fact of having a skull pivoting on two small, broken screws sounds like a recipe for disaster, then indeed, he scheduled a second surgery.

For the second surgery, the surgeon's staff placed my wife in the wrong hospital, not covered by insurance, even after I warned them vehemently that we were not covered in the particular hospital. As we waited in the hospital, just before her scheduled surgery, we were given a choice as to whether we wanted to pay 30% upfront, reschedule the surgery and our jobs at the risk of jeopardizing our positions, or raise Hades to gain some immediate resolution and attention as everyone was scampering for a dupe. I chose to raise Hades, as had we been placed in the right hospital, as I had requested by name, we would have only had to pay a small co-pay! Note, that there were other hospitals covered under my insurance that did support the procedure. This entire situation reminded me of the bait and switch tactic of used car salespeople. However, from this experience, and what I've learned through dialogue with others, this is a common issue, which leads to the fact that medical administra tive staff should undergo some type of instruction in the handling of insurance for their patients. Such hit and run insurance handling and verification is objectionable as the fiascoes caused by unskilled medical staff create a significant amount of stress for the already stressed patients and their families.

Second, my wife requested that the broken hardware be retained after the second surgery for investigation by the hardware's manufacturer to determine the cause of the breakage. Yet, according to the hardware company, the doctor and the hospital discarded the hardware. Now, the hardware company cannot properly report the issue to the FDA, thus adding further risk to the public. Additionally, this issue has been ignored on several instances and resolution through proper channels is non-existent. Interestingly, several attorneys and my wife's new doctor stated, "broken hardware is always kept for future reference and investigation." Her current doctor has no idea why her former surgeon breached protocol and discarded the hardware. Apparently, obstruction of this sort is common practice in the medical community to conceal errors --- without any recourse. But, after experiencing additional tangents in this fiasco, this act makes me wonder what was it that the broken hardware reveal ed?

Yet another ludicrous part of this situation is that, after months of trying to find out why my wife's neck was not healing properly and why she was unable to turn her head, she had to fire her surgeon and locate a qualified medical professional. Her former surgeon presumed that she had Carpal Tunnel; however, she had just experienced spinal surgery! But, her new doctor noted that the reason for her situation was that she had large amounts of scare tissue and her C7-T1 disc is collapsing --- which was ignored on the last MRI by her former surgeon, yet was specifically noted by the MRI specialist. This is all noted by her new doctor as a result of the second surgery --- for which we are now looking forward to a third surgery and additional expenses. Rhetorically, why was all of this not revealed and my wife not placed on a plan to assist in recovery and pain management instead of prolonging the situation?

My wife's new doctor put her on a resolution path for the pain through nerve blocking. It actually took firing a surgeon and finding a new doctor to seek resolution and answers. The problem here was that her former surgeon knew that he could provide sub-standard care without risk because he is part of the protected class of Nevada's citizens --- the doctor. In all honesty, I was inane to think that, ethically, doctors would refer their patients on when they cannot effectively continue care toward a vision of resolution. Performing unnecessary procedures in hopes of finding an alternative issue to cover an error is completely unacceptable and a desecration of the patient's time and money. Indeed, occasionally, resolution cannot be attained, but there are solutions for pain management and for placing the patient into a better situation.

One of the other disturbing items in this situation was the utter lack of respect shown by the medical community and the fact that I literally had to fight to obtain information and provide assistance for my own wife. The unbelievable manner that doctors treat concerned family members is most appalling and is reminiscent of the horrendous manner in which cattle are treated before the slaughter.

As my cowhide is a bit tougher than this, my immediate concern is for those who don't have friends or family members to support them. What of the older, widowed, or abandoned patients who literally have no one for support and assistance? We could not even imagine how my wife could have eaten and taken care of herself after these spinal surgeries --- even after we were told that she would not require any assistance. Not to minimize the intellect of the older generations; however, they knew things a certain way in their time. Now, being thrust into this uncertain present without any support or understanding for the situation leaves them to be nothing more than frightened dupes for today's medical hacks.

My wife reported this entire fiasco to the Nevada Board of Medical Examiners, the FDA, and she spoke with several attorneys. Interestingly, the attorneys noted that the BME will not reprimand the doctor and no attorney will sue a Nevada doctor because of the medical crisis in the state. It was stated that, while there were at least five legitimate cases within her situation, litigation would not proceed since there are so few surgeons in the state. Attorneys now only take on the small, ambulance-chaser cases, but when it comes to something overwhelming and legitimate, they will avoid the situation for concern over their reputation.

Additionally, it was noted that the attorneys would have a more difficult time because the hardware was discarded.

But, what of the welfare of the patient, and future patients? Once again, this raises the claim that small infractions are made public as they will generally go unnoticed in the public eye; however, larger infractions are disguised as such issues could unnerve the community. In our case, my wife had a second botched surgery and is now looking at a third, without any recourse, because some ham-fisted surgeon has been hidden behind the political wall of shame. I must ask --- what is the rationale for the BME and the legal system, again?

This raises concern that this malpractice crisis and tort reform has created a breeding ground for additional deceit and a mechanism to raise the status of the inept in the medical community. However, as with all things, was this a planned catastrophe or a mistake? It's difficult to accept that such a politically beneficial situation would be a mistake, as it seems that this malpractice crisis is a matter of political directives as opposed to public choice.

Additionally, I found that informed consent is a good idea, in theory. As a statement on a piece of paper you sign in the waiting room, the consent merely represents that, whether the doctor informs you or not, it is accepted that he has informed you --- this, regardless of whether he informed you or when it is documented in your medical charts. It was interesting to note that the pages of questions that we brought to each appointment deeply troubled this surgeon --- as though we were questioning his ability --- which should have been taken as an immediate sign of impending problems. I realized years ago that when you're faced with a life, or quality-of-life, threatening surgery, it is wise to push forward with research and questions without regard for the doctor's feelings. However, it all reduces to the fact that, as was demonstrated in this case, a doctor doesn't have to tell you anything that you don't ask and, even still, they're not obligated to answer your questions. As w as found, simply by responding with, "I dunno," instead of putting forth the effort to find a reasonable answer, any doctor can state that he answered all of your questions.

An item that I present here is mandatory patient education prior to surgeries. It is the responsibility of the surgeon and the medical vendors to provide reasonable information to the patient so that they can make educated decisions, whether it is an elective or necessary surgery. It is necessary to provide booklets, product documentation, and videos that educate the patient on what will be performed as well as the potential results. Perhaps this could be called, "The Medical Lemon Law --- Know What You're Buying." Such legislation is a difficult task as it interferes with political swag; however, merely the presentation of such bills will begin to raise an awareness for the public.

Another item I challenge is that of training. It is the responsibility of the medical vendors to provide adequate training to surgeons and their staff to ensure that they are qualified to perform surgeries and intelligently inform the patients of the products. Even automobile mechanics must undergo training before they are allowed to provide support for a vehicular component. Some type of qualification training should be mandatory for surgeons and, if they don't qualify, then they are not allowed to use the vendor's hardware in a patient. Indeed, from a business standpoint, this is not a reasonable decision and by applying the formula (i.e., profit:payout) to this situation does show that paying damages for every error does still provide a reasonable positive cash flow in accounting. However, the people factor should be a necessary variable in the equation. Personally, I would much rather live without the damage resulting from botched surgeries than to have a pocket full of hus h money. Not to mention the fact that such issues are rarely publicized so that the public doesn't become stigmatized --- another business decision. However, smaller issues are indeed made public as they go unnoticed by the public eye --- this so that it can be said, "we do inform the public." Back to the cattle theory --- hoping that the cows just do what they do without taking notice.

There are still many unanswered questions in this situation, yet I can see that finding someone to step up and provide the answers will be a daunting task. It is remarkable to observe the politicians and the medical community avoiding accountability in what started as a simple situation, with one simple question, turn into an interminable debacle for no reason other than to hide the convoluted errors and mayhem of one doctor and his staff. However, it is quite humorous to consider how one simple question caused an entire professional community to devise such a web of yarns. I now realize that indeed, this was truly a sore spot.

While driving to California, Arizona, and Utah to find reasonable healthcare is a simple and valid option, it is a distressing situation that, as this state is growing, it is evident that it is not ready for growth. Forcing the population to abscond to neighboring states for reasonable medical care is counter-productive. Focus on bringing quality to the medical community, not to mention the school system, and then focus on growth. If the state allows negligent doctors the right to practice under the guise of quality, and protects their negligent actions, why would people want to remain here for any extended period of time at the risk of life and limb?

After speaking with a group of independent medical malpractice investigators, they said that they have "witnessed first hand" the utterly ridiculous medical demonstrations noted in this situation. Additionally, I have spoken with media contacts to find that they hear of this type of situation, and worse, occurring hundreds of times each year without any recourse or resolution provided by the medical community or the governing bodies. Since the situation I mention here is more common than not, why is it still occurring? Obviously, expecting some sort of resolution after the disdain of culpability demonstrated by the Nevada medical community would be imprudent. We have to wait until enough cattle die for such situations to become important issues --- otherwise known as a surprise to the politicians.

In our case, we commend our insurance company for their patience and efforts in assisting my wife. Yet, this brings up another situation regarding the costs and abuse of healthcare insurance --- perhaps politicians should examine the medical community's practices. To reduce risk, doctors perform redundant and unnecessary diagnostic tests and offer only middle-of-the-road medical advice and procedures, even when they know that other treatments would be more beneficial. Not only does this escalate expenses and pad the doctor's wallet, but it also wastes a tremendous amount of time in hopes that the cattle will die and the risk dissipates. However, doctors are not performing procedures and tests to resolve medical issues, but instead dance around issues to cover or avert errors and reduce risk. Accordingly, as long as the doctors do something, regardless of the outcome, then they have done their job, according to the powers-that-be.

It's a trade off. Sub-standard care is politically acceptable to limit risk, which in turn raises risk because of sub-standard care. To avoid the resulting risk, the political system relieves the medical community of accountability. This downward spiral only demonstrates that the politicians are aware of the situation, but are not seeking any resolution. Now, the brunt of the risk is absorbed by the patient in that they're paying for ineffectual care, especially once the doctor errs and is unwilling to accept responsibility. When you buy a car, the dealer is willing to provide support and repairs, even when they err. As na´ve as this may sound, I would assume that human life is more precious than an automobile, which makes me wonder why the standards of quality are higher for car maintenance than they are for human care.

We have consumer advocates, the FTC, and various consumer protection agencies that will sue a company out of existence because some child wedged a toy in his nose or some person spilled coffee in their lap. But, when it comes to the sanctity of human life and rights within the medical community, there is literally no one available. Of course, this point could be argued; however, those organizations that are supposed to protect us against medical injustice were the exact groups that stated that they could do nothing because of the medical malpractice crisis in the state --- yet another vicious circle. You're on your own at the hands of the protected class. Again, here I ask, what is the purpose of the BME and the legal system?

The one thing that I am sure of is the survival of this new protected class in Nevada. Even if Nevada were to become a ghost state, and the only people left were doctors, they could still make a reasonable income by maligning each other. That is, until they eventually exterminate each other through inept practice. However, as is the case in today's environment, it's not the best man that will be left standing --- it will be the one that acquired his medical degree for $50 at some online school in the Dominican Republic.

As we await surgery 3 to repair the results of slipshod surgeries 1 and 2, I have to wonder as to why I must continually pay for the irresponsibility, negligence, and incompetence of this protected class and their followers? But, I chuckle when I realize that through taxation, I've been doing that for years. However, what about accountability? Why can't I get away with slipshod ethics and procedures like the protected class and their followers? But, then I realize that those I am paying require scapegoats, pigeons, guinea pigs, and the cattle. Yes, back to the farm. The comical point about cattle is, while they are not very bright, their survival instincts will force them to migrate in packs in search of safer and better feeding grounds.

Well, I am off to California next week in search of a doctor and to speak with an attorney for my wife. If that doesn't work, since my expectations have been lowered considerably by the Nevada medical community, I'll look into some drugged-out witch doctor from Mexico. Although shoving a live chicken up my back-side in a bizarre medicine-man voodoo ritual doesn't sound appealing, I am sure it would be more pleasant than dealing with the butchery and debauchery of the Nevada medical community.

I find it most interesting how the political engine protects the medical community so well. In this case, it is not so much that anyone wanted to sue anybody --- it is a matter of accountability and resolution. However, having to pay for someone else's negligent actions as well as the ramifications of those actions do change one's view and desires.

I do agree that, indeed, doctors are good targets for lawsuits and do require some level of reasonable protection through the legal system --- just like the rest of us. However, this inept display by legal, government, and regulatory agencies not only protects the doctors by removing all accountability, but it also endangers the public. I see this as utterly ludicrous as when you are dealing with the most precious thing on this planet, human life, and you are not held accountable, it turns into a matter of life and death on a conveyor belt.

I have contacted Nevada Senators, Congressmen, Governor Guinn, and the Attorney General with a pointed letter on this situation and the details of the medical issues and politics behind the situation. Of course, no response; however, as expected, it was an excellent exercise in squandering time in a productive manner.

Again, to show my na´vetÚ, but I hope that, this time, some Nevada politician with a little intelligence does the right thing and examines the appalling practices of and around the Nevada medical community. Whatever you do --- at least try to be smart about it. You have a serious problem and your previous shows have not been impressive. Most disturbing.
I was on some very strong antibiotics almost 7 years ago for approximately 7 months... It is a horrible story but it turns out I didnt need the antibiotics at all. My doctor perscribed me antibiotics for a chest infection that snowballed into stomach problems, more antibiotics, prostate inflammation, more antibiotics etc etc.. Finally a specialist told me to stop the antibiotics because nothing showed up in my blood for any infection... The problem is, the damage was already done. I was perfectly healthy before them and now I still have these symptoms. Ringing in my ears, fatigue, tingling/burning on the inside of my thighs, sensitivities to cold drafts especially on my legs, a coating on my tongue that I can scrape off but comes back. I have been on many antifungal therapies, diets etc and nothing has removed these symptoms. The only diagnosis that was tested was Low HCL. I am currently taking digstive enzymes/hcl also homeopathic trace elements Gammadyn. I still feel horrible. What else can I do?
For 5 years my wife has been experiencing a lump below her ribs on her right side. When she first noticed it, it was the size of a golf ball. We went to several doctors. None of them could dtermine the cause. Over time the lump seemed to come and go, always increasing with size. Now it's the size of a bannana. Some one suggested to us that it might be a hernia. We took this information to the doctor and, sure enough, she diagnosed it as that. Surgery was schedualed right away. For some reason, though, the doctor went into the groin area to fix the hernia. This was odd because my wife never mentioned anything about that area and after the surgery she still had the original lump. When we asked the doctor, she stated that there was a hernia there and she did correct it, but that there must be a second hernia higher up. She was very persistant that this was the case and even gave it a specific name: Spleringeti (?) Hernia. My wife went into surgery a second time, this time they went in with a scope and took pictures. They could not find the secind hernia, determined that there wasn't one, and decided that they needed to remove the appendix. They did this without consulting us, but assured us that it was the problem. After looking at the lab results, we found that the appendix was perfectly healthy and did not need to be removed. My wife stil has the lump and the pain associated with it is increasing.
My prostate PSA level was checked in 2000 and found to be high,"6", so the Veteran's Administration doctors did a biopsy on me that was found to be negative and put me on prostate medication. During that same year I had a mild heart attack and was put on high blood pressure medication. Later, in May of 2001 I had a severe pulmonary embolism that began in my left calf and went up to my lung. When the local ambulance crew came to our apartment my condition was not yet diagnosed, but as I was lying on the bed gasping for breath one of the female attendants kept asking me if I had been using drugs (the inference was illegal drugs). I never smoked, don't drink, and at that time didn't even drink coffee, however after telling her that I did not use any drugs she continued to pursure that line of questioning. I was very insulted by that kind of treatment, but said nothing. After I was taken to the hospital they ran tests on me and found out that I had had the embolism. They gave me oxygen, put me on intraveneous blood thinners and kept me there for a week. Since my wife and I do not have any health coverage except medicare, which only covers 80% of hospital bills, and we do not have a lot of money, they sent me home after a week and forgot about me, except that we now had some huge ambulance and hospital bills. After I was back home I was now on coumadin along with the blood pressure and prostate medication, which I was getting free of charge through the Veterans Administration. I had monthly checkups at the VA when they drew my blood to check my coumadin level. In November of 2001 the Veterans Administration did another PSA check on me and it had skyrocketed to 19. So in February of 2002 they did another biopsy on me, taking me off of coumadin for ten days before the operation, and they took ten samples for analysis. It turned out negative, but this is when the real horror story began. This second biopsy was nothing like the first. For one thing, although a prostate biopsy is never pleasant, this one hurt, really hurt, and the gave me no anesthetics at all during the procedure. I was in real pain. I could tell by the look on the VA Doctor's face and the nurse when I turned over on the operating table after they were finished that something had gone wrong, but they said nothing. They sent me home wearing a giant diaper to stop the bleeding. When I arrived home the daiper was soaked in blood, my belly was swollen, probably from internal hemorrhaging, and I could barely urinate, even though I felt a real need to. I was also in intense pain. I called the Veteran's Administration up and told them of my symptoms, but since it was on a Friday, the hospital was in another town and they only do appointments, they scheduled me to come in on the next Tuesday for an exam. When I arrived, the Doctor merely passed some type of small hand-held scanning device over my abdomen, joked with the nurse about his favorite wine, and pronounced me fit after ten minutes and sent me home. The symptoms did not improve, and for the next four months I grew progressively worse and weaker, having stomach pains along with bleeding and increasing trouble urinating. All this time the Veterans Administration kept me on the coumadin, despite my protests that perhaps I should not be taking it, and on my regular checkups to the VA the doctor would casually joke with me and make light conversation, actually simply patronizing me, and send me home despite my complaints. By late May of last year I could barely walk across the street, my eyes were puffy and I was literally on my death bed and could not urinate at all. My wife took me to the local hospital's emergency room when it became obvious that I was in critical shape. They checked my records, found out that we didn't have much money and did not have comprehensive medical insurance, inserted a catheter in me so that I could pass fluid, and sent me home. Well, at least beginning to be able to pass urine freely made me feel better, but I realised that the medical community had pretty much abandoned me to my fate. I knew that unless I did something I was going to die, probably within a matter of days or weeks. I did remember from a couple of years ago I used to listen to a radio Doctor, Dr. Karoh and his nurse Deborah, and also over the years, this must have been from the good Lord, I had listened to and accumulated a lot of material on herbs and natural healing. Now it was time to put some of that knowledge into practice. I immediately took myself off of the coumadin, the blood pressure medication and the prostate medication. I was bedbound and could not do much else, so I want on a water fast. By the fourth day of the fast a lot of old blood came out of the cathetor when I emptied it, and I began to feel better. I was also not feeling so much pain as before. I began to take on other liquids, and ate some solid foods after about a week or so. My health dramatically began to improve, although I was still a very sick person. Two weeks later I kept an appointment with a local urologist, Dr. Barrows, to have the cathetor removed. This particular Doctor was very insulting to me. He was not a VA doctor, but that didn't make matters any better. When I told him of my condition, he told me that my symptoms were probably all in my head and that my stomach cramps probably had nothing to do with my prostate problem and might be psychological, that a "little bleeding" was normal after a prostate biopsy (for four months, and having to throw out numerous pairs of blood soaked underwear?), but then he turned around and told me that my biopsy could have been a false negative and I could very well have cancer! Then after removing the cathetor and insulting me he told me to go back to the VA. I resolved to stay on a vegetarian diet, and cut out all soft drinks, which I used to drink pretty much with abandon, and I quit my 1-2 gallon a week habit of drinking milk. I went completely vegan, and stayed that way for about eight months. My motto, which I wrote down and put into the front of my Bible, was Hyppocrates aphorism: "Let your food be your medicine, and your medicine your food". I gradually began to improve, and made some herbal formulas for the prostate and for cancer (although I had never been clinically diagnosed with that), and Praise the Lord, over the past year I have been steadily improving and getting my health back. I did "backslide" a few months back and began drinking soft drinks again and paid for it dearly, rolling around in pain and agony, and learned my lesson. I do eat some turkey and cheese now for protein, but have forsaken all meat and milk. I feel like a new man, have lost thirty pounds, am off all the medications that I was taking, and am looking forward to many long years, if the Lord wills, to a happy, healthy life. God bless you, and I think that you should be called "America's Doctor" instead of that other character, James in Southern Oregon.
Kidney Stone:
My personal living nightmare of about a year began with a kidney stone attack. Being a retired military man, I went to the emergency room at Nellis Air Force Base outside Las Vegas, Nevada. They recommended a local doctor (who I later found worked part time at the Air Base to relieve doctors who were scheduled to take ordinary leave). He informed me he was the best in the business, and had performed more kidney stone removals than any doctor in the area. He also informed me that urinary track blockage could create back pressure and kill the kidney within 48 hours. In by six - out by noon. Well, that is not how it happened. It turned out he stuck a lazier up the urinary track to "zap" the stone. He did irreparable damage to the ureter. He lied about it, and informed me that I had suffered a reaction to the anesthesia and he wanted to keep me an extra day in order for it to work its way out of my system. Three days later I was released from the hospital. (Later, when I saw a copy of my records, there was no mention of a problem with the anesthetic. On the next seven operations, I answered the question about reaction, and each time, informed them that I had an adverse reaction to the anesthetic.) To make a long story short, I urinated blood for six months, and "milk" from a urinary infection for three months. I underwent repeated surgeries in an attempt to correct the problem. On the eighth surgery and after about a year of living hell, my right kidney was removed. When I finally changed doctors, he requested a culture and sensitivity test of my infection, and found that the bacteria was resistant to the drug prescribed by me previous doctor. After the kidney was removed, I was informed that it was "encased in a cement-like substance" and had been beyond saving a long time ago.
Gall Bladder:
I recently had my gall bladder removed after receiving opinions of 3 medical doctors, a gastrologois, an internist and a general surgeon. About 3 weeks after the surgery, I started having terrible pains in my stomach followed by vomiting and severe diarhea. This lasted for 3 weeks. When I called the surgeon, he told me I would have to call my primary care physician as this was not a result of the surgery. I did so and she said that I probably had the flu and if I was not better in a week to call back. In a week, I was worse. I called her office and was told that she was out of the office till the following week, so I made an appointment. I tried changing my diet and took every kind of medication in my cabinet. I finally found that a diet of soda crackers and water relieved the pain, but not the diarhea. After 3 days on this diet, I started introducing regular food back into my diet, and was able to tollerate almost everything. I looked on the internte for information and found a discription of my exact symptoms called postcholecystectomy syndrome. It is a fancy name for having unnecessary surgery. I am finally feeling fairly normal, the colic type stomach pains have stopped and the diarhea is not everyday. When the day came for my doctors appointment, the office called to tell me that she was sick and I would have to reschedule. I just cancelled the appointment and said I would call later to reschedule. It has now been 6 weeks since my surgery and I am just now feeling somewhat normal...with the exception of the diarhea. Please let me know what I have to look forward to down the road and what I can do to correct this one lingering problem.
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