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Meet the Harmonica Man

How to win any breastfeeding argument

Fresh Vitamins


Swine Flu Updates

Autismn Treatments  

NewsTalk 1240 WBCF

"The CHILD Disorder"



OsteoPeak is the first "personalized" bone care solution to help you maximize your bone mass. OsteoPeak is scientifically designed for your age, gender, and hormonal status.

Essential Formulas

Prozac Truth

National Vaccine Information Center




Myths of Vaccination



News and articles about milk, cows, dairy products, your health and more..... http://www.notmilk.com/

Flouride Issues

News about Flouride affecting your health, Dentistry, foods containing Flouride and many other articles concerning your health. http://www.sonic.net/~kryptox/fluoride.htm

"Clearly Better"

As recommended by Dr. Bob Martin, H2O Concepts provides the healthiest and highest quality water to your home and business. Unlike reverse osmosis systems and water softeners, H2O Concepts uses no filters or salt to treat the water so you save money. The patented H2O technology is German engineered and used by such companies as Mercedes Benz, Johnson & Johnson, Linde Corp, and Speed Queen among others. With the H2O Concept 2000 system, healthy, great tasting drinking water is available from every faucet in your house. With H20 you will notice a significant reduction in water spots and scaling, cleaner laundry, less usage of detergents, and longer life of your plumbing fixtures. Best of all, with the advanced H20 technology, their is no potassium chloride or sodium chloride (salt) needed. Now that's healthy! Plus no more lifting those heavy bags of salt and no more paying for salt. H2O Concepts will truly make your life "clearly better". Just ask Dr. Bob Martin who owns one. Call us toll free at 1-888-275-4261 or visit us at WWW.H2OCONCEPTS.COM.

Gordon Josephs, MD(H), Managing Director ChelationCare Centers, U.S.A.

Specializing in the treatment of heart and blood vessel disease using powerful chelation therapy in conjunction with vitamins, minerals, herbs, homeopathics, and other natural supplements. Bypass surgery avoidance program. Also Arizona's source for unusual intravenous therapies including Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation and Hydrogen Peroxide. Systemic Candida Treatment Program using German Pleomorphic remedies with IV Peroxide.

Eating Disorder Referral and Information Center

The Eating Disorder Referral and Information Center is dedicated to the prevention and treatment of eating disorders. We provide information and treatment resources for all forms of eating disorders. We provide referrals to eating disorder practitioners, treatment facilities, and support groups. Referrals to eating disorder specialists are offered at no charge as a community service. In addition, we offer general information to the public about the treatment and prevention of eating disorders and we hope to promote social attitudes that enhance a healthy body image and self-esteem.

Think Twice Gateway

This site helps parents, grandparents and other interested parties learn about the benefits vs risks associated with innoculations. Information covered includes all childhood innoculation, flu shots, pneumonia shots, etc.... The information on this site will help clear-up many myths and misconceptions surrounding this very controversial subject.

This is a list of articles with loads of excellent information. Linda Smith has been an L.C. for many years and is one of the most popular speakers at conference. She is sometimes called "Coach Smith". It's a holdover from her days of coaching her daughter's swim team. It's become useful when teaching breast feeding. The site is written for HCPs who work with breast feeding moms and their babies.

Information and resources on breastfeeding and breast compression

If a mother chooses to breast-feed her child, it is likely that, at one point or another, the child may have some difficulty extracting the milk that they need. To help with this occurrence, there is a technique that may be used to help stimulate the flow of milk. It is known as breast compression. 

This is a comprehensive site for breast feeding information links.

Breast or Bottle?

Breast or Bottle? by Diane Wiessinger, is a good overview of the choice. Following Diane's article, there is a useful table of other links.


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