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Love em... but don't let them stink!
Some pet owners consider their pets part of the family and put up with a lot including, foul odors. Stink Stopper to the rescue! 21 st Century Pet Nutrition has come-up with a Veterinarian approved all-natural pet supplement designed to reduce pet odors by as much as 95%. Stink Stopper works by preventing your pet's uniquely stinky odors from happening in the first place. Prior to advent of Stink Stopper, all that was essentially available for our fury little friends was sprays, powders and thick perfume laden chemicallized shampoos--no thanks. Stink Stopper comes in tuna flavor for cats and liver flavor for dogs. Some of the most noteworthy benefits include, reduced feces, urine, breath, and body odor. Additionally, if your pet has a habit of eating their own feces or the feces of another animal, be prepared to notice this change. And, pet owners have reported much less pet flatulence as well as reduced brown spots on your beautiful green lawn when, they do their business. Now, that we have Stink Stopper by 21 st Century Pet Nutrition, the only question left to be answered is, when will it be available in tuty fruity flavor for two legged pet masters? You can find Stink Stopper at most Pet Smart stores. If you're unable to locate it in your area, please call 1-800-530-2178.
A Healthy Grease Job!
Life Services Supplements Inc. of Neptune, New Jersey, invented Betta Butta. This product is a delicious, healthy, alternative to butter. You're invited to drizzle Betta Butta on toast, pancakes, popcorn etc...Made from Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT) contains a class of fatty acids only found in very small amounts in the diet, which are more rapidly absorbed and burned as energy than other fats. This natural butter flavored MCT oil is derived from coconut oil, natural butter flavor and riboflavin. You may contact the company directly at 1-732-922-6604.
If your like Mexican food especially tacos, you'll love El Burrito Mexican Food Company's "Soy Taco" Meatless Taco Filling. This tasty all vegetable taco filling marvel has no preservatives, cholesterol and is low in fat. If you're tired of having to face the three inch layer of grease on top of that ground beef prior to putting it into your taco and realize your arteries are slamming shut as you woof em down....this is for you. One 12 ounce tube makes 12 delicious tacos. The natural ingredients include soy concentrate, water, distilled vinegar, vegetable protein, wheat fiber, natural flavors etc.... You can find this wonderful Health Alternative by contacting the company directly at 1-800-933-7828.
Is Your Breath Gagging Others?
According to many experts in the dental profession, bad breath or (Halitosis) is caused primarily by putrefactive bacteria, plaque and other problems being harbored in to mouth or oral cavity. Some people have resorted to a plethora of mouth washes, sprays, gums, mints etc.. to no long-term avail. Studies have shown, that if a person's tongue is infested with extreme amounts of bacteria, yeast and other undesirables, the breath will often reflect and exude offending odiferous activity. In fact, if you take the Tongue Test where in, you stick your tongue-out and look in a mirror and find any white or yellow looking substances on the surface of your tongue, you may have just discovered a problem. Dr. Tung's Tongue Cleaner to the rescue! Dr. Tung's Tongue Cleaner works far better than a toothbrush. For fresher breath and a cleaner mouth use Dr. Tung's Tongue Cleaner, the cleaner recommended by dentists and halitosis experts. It slides on the tongue and easily removes harmful bacteria and debris, even from the back of the tongue. Some people use a toothbrush--designed for teeth-to try to clean the tongue! Toothbrushes 'grip' the tongue, can cause discomfort (gagging), and don't clean all the bio-burden off the tongue. On the other hand, Dr. Tung's Tongue Cleaner is designed especially for tongue cleaning, it's easy to use, comfortable, and lasts for years. To inquire about this excellent Health Alternative call Addventure Products at 1-858-587-0061.
Sofie's Aromatherapy Facial Pillows
(Formulas for Headache, Insomnia, Stress, and Sinus Congestion.)
These Aromatherapy Pillows are made of soft and natural hand sewn rayon fabric and are filled with organic flax seeds which are imbued with pure essential oils. The pillows conform to the shape of your face or body, and provide a convenient and effective method of applying Aromatherapy. The essential oils are blended into formulas for specific health concerns, such as headache, sinusitis, insomnia, etc. Just lay back and apply the pillow to your face. You will experience an amazing sensation as the essential oils penetrate your temples, face and sinus, and the weight of the flax seed gently easies tension away.
SOFIE'S Aromatherapy Facial Pillows from Dr. Phyto.
866-377-4986 or on line at www.DRPHYTO.com
Barbara's Law of Relativity
I don't know about you but I grew-up on Fig Newtons. Now my kids are growing up on Barbara's Wheat Free Fig Bars. A staple of behavior as a kid grows-up is snacking on anything and everything in site. And since it is as inevitable, that kids will munch all day and night if you let them, you might as well provide for them snack foods, which are healthy and filling. Try Barbara's Wheat Free Fig Bars. These figs are 100% natural, fruit juice sweetened, and are fat free! [Look for them the next time you shop and if you can't find them, please write directly to the company: Barbara's Bakery, Inc. 3900 Cypress Drive, Petaluma, CA. 94954.]
Less Saturated Fat = Longer Life
We all like to try something new. Your toaster is no exception. It's tired of popping up breads, waffles and an occasional breakfast tart. Try something new and healthful. Introducing VEGI-DELI Toaster Burgers --the world's first all-natural, totally meatless, great-tasting, whole grain burgers---designed exclusively for you...and your toaster. In just minutes you'll have a tasty and nutritious meal that's free of saturated fat and cholesterol, and is packed with good-for you protein and fiber. Available in three delicious varieties for a satisfying meal any time of the day. The VEGI-DELI Toaster Burgers are also 100% toaster safe. For more information on this healthy Health Alternative, call 1-888-473-3667. [Eat well and prosper.]
Number of people who died from reactions to drugs and surgery last year......250,000. Number of people died from reactions to Homeopathic Remedies last year....."0"
Introducing B&T (Boericke & Tafel) Homeopathic Remedy line. With all the horror stories we hear these days about people dying by the hundreds of thousands every year due to adverse reactions to medical drugs and surgeries, it only makes sense to start learning more about safer alternatives. One very good choice is B&T Homeopathic Remedies. There are at least six different conditions for which B&T has a natural Homeopathic Remedy and they are....Indigestion, Cold & Flu, Headache, Cough, and Insomnia. So, heal yourself naturally with the very pleasant tasting chewable natural Homeopathic Remedies. For more information call B&T directly at 1-800-876-9505.
Soften That Carcass Before You Bite It.
Before meat tenderizers there were cleavers, knives and other sharp objects, designed to breakdown the muscle tissue of the animal you choose to bury in your stomach. Nowadays, we have chemical meat tenderizers which, help to partially breakdown the muscle tissue, so that when we bite into it we don't leave our teeth behind. Many of the meat tenderizers on the market today are filled with unwanted chemicals we don't need or want. If you eat meat and you choose not to add insult to embarrassment, INDO can do. INDO is a natural meat tenderizer by Modern Products Inc., Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 53209. This Health Alternative Product comes from the kitchens of the internationally acclaimed gourmet nutritionist, Gaylord Hauser. INDO works wonders even when it comes to changing tough inexpensive meats and poultry into tender, tempting treats. But INDO doesn't stop there; INDO also seasons and flavors as it tenderizes.
Joy-Key Anyone?
Many of us have experienced the ritual of eating beef jerky. I remember growing-up in the Midwest and observing the fact, that only cool people ate jerky. Therefore, in order to be as cool as possible I ate the jerky as well. It was so tough, you could literally sharpen your teeth on the stuff. I still can't believe I consumed as much as I did! Now for the Health Alternative. Veggie Jerky anyone? Green Options from San Francisco, Ca. produces a delicious all natural, high in protein Veggie Jerky with no preservatives. It's also 99% fat free and contains no cholesterol whatsoever. If you like the taste and texture of Beef Jerky, but don't care for all the undesirable stuff they use in it's manufacture, I suggest you try Green Options Hot N' Peppered Veggie Jerky. In fact, if you didn't know that it was animal free, you'd swear you were eating the best cow hide jerky you've ever consumed. Experience it for yourself by calling the company and asking where to purchase some in your area. Green Options be contacted at 1-888-473-3667. Enjoy!
The Food Freshness System
How about an affordable, high quality, safe and environmentally responsible product that get the job done and help keep you, your home and our planet healthy. It is called: The Food Freshness System for refrigerators. The "System" is a mixture of 100% natural minerals that regulate the humidity in your refrigerator and absorb odors. The "System," developed for the restaurant and professional food service industry, is used today in thousands of professional kitchens. The company that makes this wonderful Health Alternative is Seventh Generation. Feel free to contact them here!
Got Freezers?
During the summer months, many children become over heated and require plenty of fluids and often ask for and receive frozen treats, including artificially flavored, artificially colored, and sugar laden popsicles. Here is the good news: a company by the name of Cool Fruits, Inc., from Naples, Florida has come up with a way to satisfy the need to consume something cold. Cool Fruits to the rescue! This all natural, no sugar, artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives added. Fruit juice freezer comes in grape and cherry flavors. If you would like more information regarding Cool Fruit Fruit Juice Freezers call 1-941-561-3331.
Don't go on a trip without it!
Your bags are packed. Your itinerary is in your pocket. You're ready to hit the road. Just don't forget the one thing that could mean the difference between a safe, healthy, holiday and the vacation you would rather forget- - - Your Herbal Travel Kit. Lets face it, once you are out of your everyday environment, things happen. Your exposure to new environments, and travelling can make you feel ill and uncomfortable. It's enough to keep an unprepared person at home. Luckily, you are prepared with this kit. Best of all, it contains some of your favorite, tried and true, herbal formulas along with the best of traditional medicine. Add to the bandages, antiseptics, and the Herbal Medicine Guide by Medical Doctor Eric A. Wiess, and your ready to tackle the most strenuous travel adventure. This wonderful Health Alternative called the Herbal Travel Kit can be found by clicking here!
Want energy? Get BODHI!
More and more health experts are emphasizing the importance of eating smaller meals more frequently as opposed to larger portions less often. In today's fast- pace- society, many people find it difficult to eat regularly enough to maintain proper blood sugar balance. If they do eat often enough, they unfortunately succumb to the allure of readily available junk foods. Bodhi Bar to the rescue! This whole food and herbal energy bar is made with organic ingredients. The Bodhi Bar was created from the company's lifelong involvement with natural healing-a way of life that has been strongly influenced by both Western and Eastern healing arts practices. The premium herbs in the Bodhi Bar decreases stress levels, enhance immune system health, increase stamina, and strengthen digestion. Bodhi Bar's are naturally sweet. No added oil. No Dairy. No wheat. No preservatives or synthetic anything. Low fat. High fiber. Real fruit, soy nuts seeds, and revitalizing herbs for sustained energy! You can find out more about this Health Alternative by calling 1-888-767-4424 Enjoy!
D-Mannose: Making a big splash!
Urinary tract infections (UTI) are a common problem, especially in women. A new survey of US women shows that nearly 60% have had a UTI at some time. Many women are aware that antibiotics are used to treat the problem however, few knew about the increasing problem of bacterial resistance because of using antibiotics. This does not even take into account secondary yeast infections and immune suppression caused by antibiotics. Dr. Jonathan Wright, M.D. recommends a natural way to treat UTI's. He has discovered that by using D-Mannose a naturally occurring substance most urinary tract infections can be helped without all the adverse side effects associated with antibiotic usage. For more information on this incredible Health Alternative go to www.nutritionaltest.com, and then click order online. More detailed information on D-Mannose is available at the site. Thank you Dr. Wright, for helping those suffering with UTI's find help naturally with this Health Alternative.
Quiet days quiet nights, "ah."
Infantile colic affects more than three-quarters of a million babies, and over 2,000,000 parents a year. There are very few answers in the medical realm of treatment, aside from hoping and wishing that this mysterious malady will pass sooner rather than later. Although colic is one of the most common reasons why parents seek the advice of a physician, not to mention countless millions of dollars expended, it remains an enigma. Many physicians believe that intestinal spasm and formation of excessive gas is most likely the cause. Symptoms of baby colic can include persistent crying, erratic sleep pattern, irritability, abdominal rigidity, and a marked deficiency of smiles and "coo's." Pediacalm to the rescue! This all natural herbal supplement is made from the herb Fennel. A clinical study demonstrated that PEDIACALM is almost three times more effective than a placebo and has no documented adverse side effects. The pleasant flavor of PEDIACALM makes it readily accepted by the babies. PEDIACALM is easy to use simply by placing a nipple-top on the bottle, and giving it to the baby. The only issue left to answer is what are you going to do with all the extra sleep that you'll be receiving? You can find out where to find PEDIACALM by calling 1-847-835-5795 or e-mail: shucalms@earthlink.net
When's the last time you gave your skin a lube job?
To many people today rely on petro-chemically-derived skin care products to help moisturize their skin. I was wandering through a health food store the other day and ran across an excellent natural skin lubricant that is free of any synthetic toxic materials. It's affectionately called "Mother's Oil." It is made with entirely natural ingredients, that both men and women can use. It is especially beneficial for mothers-to-be, in helping to minimize stretch marks. You can find out more about this unique oil at 1-800-477-8573.
Veggie Stix!!!
Did you know that potato chips have 80% more fat content than when they were in the ground? It's true. In addition, did you know, that french fries are the number one choice when it comes to vegetable consumption? Again, sad but true. The next time you are looking for a viable alternative to the typical 80% fat laden potato chip, consider "Veggie Stix" a Health Alternative. Veggie Stix contains less than half the fat content of potato chips and uses expeller pressed sunflower and soybean oils. Additionally, it is made from whole potato flower, natural wheat starch, rice flower, tomato and spinach puree and a pinch of salt. If you would like to get in contact with the company, here's the address: Good Health Natural Foods, Northport, NY  11768.
You can have your Parmesan and eat it too!
More and more consumers are learning about healthier alternatives to cow products. Whether it be concerns associated with lactose intolerance, food allergies, hormones, antibiotics, viruses, saturated fats and the list goes on, dairy foods including Parmesan Cheese products have their problems. Health Alternative to the rescue! Consider a unique new substitute for Cow Parmesan. Soyco all new Rice Parmesan is nature's alternative to cheese. Now, for the first time, you can enjoy delicious cheese flavor in a rice based parmesan-light, healthy flavorful topping that will please the most discriminating taste. Its' made with Organic Brown Rice, is low in fat and is fortified with essential vitamins and minerals. If you would like more information, contact Soyco at 1-407-855-5474.
How to slay that Vein.
More and more people are turning to cosmetic surgery for the treatment of bulging, bluish, lumpy-looking varicose veins and spider veins. Why not try Ultra Vein-Guard leg therapy creme by Natural Care. Vein-Guard is a natural Homeopathic remedy for men and women which is non-greasy and non-staining. It helps relieve minor pain and discomfort due to varicose veins; helps relieve swollen feet and legs, itchiness, and heavy, aching, tired feeling in the legs. There are no synthetic drugs, artificial colors, preservatives, or hydrocarbons. To find out more about this unique natural product, call Natural Care at 1-800-475-9811.
Fight plaque while avoiding ear aches!
Researchers have discovered that Xylitol an ingredient in DENTA HEALTH supplement gum by; Gum Tech helps prevent earaches in children with Otitis Media. Additionally, it has Microdent, Baking Soda, PureMint flavor for breath freshening and is sugar free. So, if you're looking to fight plaque between brushings, avoid earaches, and want to keep from grossing people out with death breath get DENTA HEALTH gum. Check out their web site at www.gum-tech.com or write them at GUMTECH INTERNATIONAL 246 E. Watkins St. Phoenix AZ. 85004.
A cure for the overfed, undernourished children of America?
"Our bodies depend on nutrients to function. If we don't get enough of the right nutrients, our bodies can't work properly," is what Dr. Mary Ann Block says. Dr. Block is a physician, International Expert on ADHD, and author of No More Ritalin and No More Antibiotics. Recently, Dr. Block formulated a Multiple Vitamin & Mineral Drink for kids. She believes that supplementing nutrients can help to make our children healthier, and as she has observed in her busy practice the supplements making a major difference in how they feel and act. This unique natural health insurance in a canister is called NUTRITION for-your-kids...a multivitamin & mineral drink. NUTRITION for-your-kids has been specifically formulated to be free of yeast, wheat, corn, dairy or sugar. Those interested in helping your children or grandchildren reach their full nutritional potential, you can find NUTRITION for-your-kids at 1-817-268-3377.
Bring on the fruit & veggies, but hold the toxins.
The Original Fruit & Vegetable Wash from Consumer Health Research, Inc. is an all natural, environmentally safe, non-toxic, organic, and completely rinsable product. It is designed to rid your foods of pesticides, chemicals, waxes, dirt, oil, fungicides, and herbicides. The companies telephone number is 1-541-347-7771.
How to Get High Without Drugs!
Here is an opportunity to learn about drugless consciousness-altering tools, techniques, and recipes both ancient and recent. Learn breathing techniques, high-tech highs, diets, exercises, sleep and dream manipulation, and numerous other methods. Avoid incarceration, save money, skip the wear and tear on your body, and still indulge the ancient urge towards inebriation! The book is entitled "STONE FREE," written by Patrick Wells and Douglas Rushkoff. You can order it toll free at 1-800-456-9887. Happy flying!
Give your body and mind a vacation at the nearest Health Spa.
I don't know about you, but health spas are my health sanctuary. I personally believe everyone should regularly frequent the spa. Not only will they help you get in shape with access to exercise equipment, but you can also reward your tense, stressed, and chemically challenged body with relaxation and detoxification. If you are ever in the state of Hawaii, and on the big island, be sure to drop in too the Kohala Spa and Fitness Center at the Hilton Waikoloa Village. It is one of my favorite places in the world to rest, relax, and recreate. For reservations to this truly palatial tropical paradise, call 1-808-886-1234. Your body and mind will be on autopilot waiting for a return visit, if it is anything like mine.
Wet and Wild!
No need to suffer in silence with "Dry Mouth Syndrome." Especially, when there is Thayers Dry Mouth Spray, providing instant moisture. This natural menthol flavored, sugar free throat spray is a God- send to those people needing to sip water all night or suck candy lozenges. Henry Thayer, M.D. 1823-1902 the founder of the company was without a doubt ahead of his time. Thank you Dr, Thayer! You can contact the Henry Thayer company at 1-203-226-0940.
Rock Youself Well.
In just 5 minutes or more the "Swing Master" machine can help restore health naturally! This incredibly device moves your entire body, but most importantly, it is moving one of the largest muscle groups in your body, your legs. You simply lie down on your back while the "Swing Master" cradles the lower legs and then gently moves your legs back and forth with it's variable speed/motion. This relaxing yet invigorating pro-healing device has been known to help muscle stiffness, back pain, energy, circulation, stamina, insomnia, toning and firming of the waist and more. Fifteen minutes of sheer relaxation on the "Swing Master has the effect of walking 15,000 steps! Call toll free to order 1-800-456-9887.
"May the Air Supply be with you."
Air Supply, the world's only wearable air purifier, draws contaminated air inside it's unique corona discharge chamber to destroy impurities naturally. Clean, Fresh air (like that created by a thunderstorm) is released to your mouth, nose, and eyes. This technology has been used by the military and industry for years, now miniaturized with microcircuitry for personal use. You can find your own personal "Air Supply" at 1-213-749-6049. Happy clean breathing!
"It sounds like a drug, but it's not."
New! Zicam cold remedy. A fast acting remedy for the common cold. This homeopathic nasal gel helps reduce the duration of the common cold and symptoms such as sore throat, stuffy nose, coughing, and congestion. Safe to use, and does not cause drowsiness. Zicam's unique ionic emulsification formula with Zinullose provides a constant release and long-lasting suspension of its active ingredient. 1-877-942-2626.
Try and read between the lines!
It seems as though things are becoming increasingly confusing to consumers who are attempting to flee main stream drug and surgery medical approaches to health care. This is because there is a health revolution currently going on in the U.S. If you wish to learn a new health perspective, in terms of who, why, what and where to obtain alternative health information, consider a remarkable new film entitled, "A Road More Traveled". Eliminate the confusion of doctor mumbo-jumbo, and enjoy some intriguing insights from eight articulate and caring health professionals. You can be your own doctor most of the time, and "A Road More Traveled" will show you how. To order a VHS copy of A Road More Traveled call 1-800-350-2410, or their website at: A Road More Traveled.
That's just plain nutty!
Snacking seems to be as American as apple pie. Unfortunately, too many people, lacking options, indulge on unhealthy food that is jammed full of refined sugars and hydrogenated fats. Consider the health alternative Soy Nuts, by GeniSoy. "The Magic of Soy." Soy nuts are not only an excellent source of protein and fiber, but also help prevent osteoporosis, heart disease, and cancer. In addition, Soy Nuts contain 60% less fat than peanuts and are unsalted. This is a delicious, nutritious, and healthy alternative of the week. GeniSoy 1-888-GeniSoy (1-888-436-4769)
What A Healthy Baby!
The Well Fed Baby, Inc. manufactures the first and only line of frozen, organic, kosher and soy-based baby foods in the nation. Due to public demand, The Well Fed Baby product line is now available in select supermarkets and natural food stores nationwide. I have reviewed the entire product line, and I was impressed with how healthful the various ingredients are. If you wish to find the closest facility, that carries The Well Fed Baby line of foods call, 1-888-WELLFED.
Soy What!
Soy has gone mainstream, even trendy. This sudden change is no mystery. Studies show soy foods may strengthen bones, ease menopausal hot flashes and reduce the risk of heart disease, breast cancer, prostate cancer and maybe even colon cancer.

If you are looking to reduce your exposure to the many health problems associated with consuming excess cow's milk, consider the following Health Alternatives.

     1. Edensoy Original Soy Beverage, 1-800-248-0301
     2. Westbrae Organic Soy Beverage, 1-800-776-1276
Sore Muscles?
When you body talks back to you, for overdoing it, you might want to reach for the Arnica. Boiron Arnica Gel is a homeopathic solution for acute muscle strains. This cooling, nonstick homeopathic gel taken by patients, and recommended by doctors, worldwide. So the next time you act like a "weekend warrior," and your muscle(s) revolt, reach for Arnica Gel. Call 1-800-252-8823 for more information.
Somebody must be a doctor, this is an e-mergen-c!
If you're looking for a way to insure plenty of "real Vitamin C" finds it's way into your body, try e-mergen-c, a Vitamin C drink mix.

Jay Patrick developed the product 27 years ago. He claims in that time he has not had a cold, still has 20/20 vision, has better bone density than the average 30 year-year man and a CT Scan revealed zero levels of calcium blockage in his arteries. And, to top it all off, Mr. Patrick recently celebrated his 87th. birthday.

As for you finicky tasters, e-mergen-c comes in flavors: lemon lime, tropical, tangerine, orange, cranberry and even cola. Plus, the Vitamin C is derived from mineral ascorbates, which are non-acidic mineral compounds. Cheers! to this Health Alternative of the Week. Call Toll Free! 1-800-854-0249
Natural Hemorrhoid Aid
Did you know that 80% of North Americans between the ages of 20 to 50 suffer from hemorrhoids? You are not alone and you do not have to suffer! Until now, most people believed all that existed for the treatment of hemorrhoids was a salve comprised of yeast cells and shark oil or God forbid...surgery. Now there's Hem-Tab and Hem-Tea, which represent a highly effective herbal treatment that is 100% natural and has been used in china for over 3000 years. They offer relief of hemorrhoids (internal & external) and their symptoms, including swelling, bleeding, pain, itching, and burning. Herbal Comfort products is the company that manufactures these natural hemorrhoid aids. You can contact them at 1-888-437-2259
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