Cholesterol Lowering Drugs 'Not Effective or Safe' as Promised

Research carried out at the University of South Florida, claims statin or cholesterol lowering drugs are not as safe or effective at preventing heart attacks as patients have been led to believe by medical doctors and pharmaceutical companies.

The latest medical revelation about cholesterol lowering drugs. Please tune in to "The Dr. Bob Martin Show"

Childhood Allergies 'Blame Your Dishwasher'?

They may be a godsend in a busy household, but dishwashers cold contribute to the development of childhood allergies, a study claims. So, before taking your child for another round of allergy shots or asking them to swallow more antihistamine drugs, find out what scientists have discovered.

YES, this is a teaser, but you will be pleased when your child doesn't sneeze. Please tune into "The Dr. Bob Martin Show"

Cooking Oil Latest Weapon Against Cancer

In 2014, there will be an estimated 1,665.440 new cancer cases diagnosed and nearly 600,000 cancer deaths in the U.S. Rutgers University research recently discovered an ingredient in a common cooking oil capable of killing human cancer cells without harming healthy ones.

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Scientists Warn 'We Are Eating Ourselves Miserable'

America is a nation in love with comfort foods. Many people use food as a way to cope with a range of emotions, too often when faced with stressful scenarios, we're reaching for foods that prove to harm our health. Learn what to eat when you're feeling down.

Don't worry BE HAPPY. Please tune into "The Dr. Bob Martin Show"

Anti-Fat Compound Discovered

Weight loss doesn't have to be radical, excruciating on time consuming. Researchers at Kyoto University discover a non-drug approach for weight management.

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Health Alternative of the Week hint; go green

Health Outrage of the Week hint; when will you quit trust respect?

Health Mystery of the Week hint; baby loves vibes

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