Can't Hold Your Alcohol or Tolerate Pain? Look at Your Eyes~!

Your eyes may be more than just a window to your soul. Recent research out of the University of Pittsburgh touts how eye color is related being predisposed to alcohol or pain intolerance.

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Dress Size Increases 'Linked to Breast Cancer Risk'

Approximately 1 in 8 U.S. women will develop invasive breasts cancer over the course of her lifetime. Cancer researchers at University College London are sounding an alarm about the connection between women's skirt or dress sizes increasing after their mid-twenties.

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Top 10 Things Your Nails Can Tell You About Your Health

Inexpensive and Readily Available Nut May Slash Stress Response

Eight out of 10 American workers are stressed out by at least one thing at work, according to the latest survey conducted by Nielsen. German researchers discover ingredient in a common nut capable of normalizing stress responses.

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Food Choices Affect Mental Wellbeing

The rate of antidepressant use in the United States has increased by nearly 400% over the last two decades. And, antidepressants are the third most common prescription drug category taken by Americans of all ages.

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Ingredient in Beer and Indian Food 'May Help You Think Better'

You may not have realized it until now that stopping by your local beer pub or Indian food restaurant may be good for your brain.

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Health Alternative of the Week hint;

Health Outrage of the Week hint; HOAX deflated

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Health Mystery of the Week hint; look into your mind's eye

A doctor is incapable of curing any patient except for him or herself. Once that which impedes the innate healing process is removed, a true cure may be realized. Give credit where credit is due, your magnificent God given mind, body and spirit.
- Dr. Bob Martin

No Calorie Artificial Sweeteners 'Linked to Weight Gain and Diabetes'

For years, consumers have been lead to believe that no calorie artificial sweeteners assist in helping prevent weight gain and diabetes. A new study published in the journal Nature, claims just the opposite is true.

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Hair Loss by Age 45 Indicates Potential Aggressive Prostate Cancer Risk

Prostate cancer is the second most common cancer among men in America. U.S. researchers find a connection between specific areas of balding men's heads and risk of developing aggressive prostate cancer.

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Chemicals in Make-up and Perfumes 'Fueling Rise in Childhood Asthma'

Asthma is the leading cause of chronic illness in children affecting more than one in ten children in the U.S. Scientists point out that asthma is steadily rising, but have been at a loss as to why? Researchers at the University of Columbia in New York uncover how the use of perfumes and make-up may be triggers for a rise in asthma.

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Doctors Find Key to Keeping Weight Off

Although more Americans are overweight than any time in our country's history, the majority believe they don't have a weight problem. Birmingham University research finds key ways to keeping pounds OFF.

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Feed Your Eyes to Maintain Vision

It's been observed by many eye specialists, that most people will develop some form of progressive blindness if they live long enough. Nutrients including carotenoids, play a major role in preventing eye diseases. Researchers discover how to make certain carotenoids more absorbable and therefore, help prevent a number of eye diseases.

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Health Outrage of the Week hint;

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