Eye Color Predicts Future Health Risks

There's more to eye color than meets the…eye. Whether your eye color is brown, blue, green, or somewhere in between, your eyes can tell you more about your health than you might expect. In fact, eye color could dictate your risk of certain diseases.

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Breast Cancer Slashed by 25%

Much of the suffering and death from breast cancer could be prevented by greater emphasis on proper health education. Breast cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death among American women. U.S. researchers discover a natural way to drastically reduce breast cancer risk.

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Grocery Store Shopping Control 'Made Easy'

Many Americans find it difficult to avoid purchasing chocolate, sugar laden pastries, artery-clogging ice cream in the supermarket and other junk food, not to mention the temptation or buying more items than needed. Now, researchers have discovered a simple way to help shoppers control unhealthy and wasteful purchases.

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Sun Exposure Prevents Deadly Cancers

Spending time in the sun could protect against one of the deadliest forms of cancer, scientists reveal. Additionally, according to researchers from Loyola University, many other diseases are associated with lack of sunshine.

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A doctor is incapable of curing any patient except for him or herself. Once that which impedes the innate healing process is removed, a true cure may be realized. Give credit where credit is due, your magnificent God given mind, body and spirit.
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Snoring 'A Warning Sign of Dementia Risk'

About 90 million Americans suffer from snoring activity during sleep. A research team from New York University has a message for people who know or suspect they snore yet choose to ignore doing anything about it.

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Most Shrimp Contain Harmful Bacteria

Almost 90 percent of American shrimp supply is imported, much of it from India, Thailand and Indonesia. A new study by reports at Consumer Reports has raised serious concerns over the safety of shrimp consumption in the USA.

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Top 10 Foods to Help Prevent Heart Attack, Cancer and Stroke

Birth Control Pill 'Shrinks Vital Brain Cells'

The birth control pill was formally approved as an oral contraceptive by the FDA in 1960. According to research from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately 80% of sexually experienced American women have used birth control pills. A recent UCLA study found the 'Pill' shrinks two important parts of the brain.

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Depression Linked to Low Serotonin 'BIG Myth'

A prominent psychiatrist claims depression is not caused by low serotonin levels and most drugs used to treat it are based on a myth. Got depression and taking an SSRI drug?

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