Shocking Ingredient in McDonald's Fries 'Revealed'

Mythbuster's host Grant Imahara traveled to McDonalds food processing plant in Idaho to learn more about their French fry production process, from start to finish. You may never eat another McDonald's French fry after learning more about what they contain.

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Bad Memories Banished by Special Spice

Scientists claim to have discovered a spice capable of preventing bad memories from being stored in the brain, plus the capability of removing existing fearful memories.

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Birth Control Pill Side Effects 'Add Brain Cancer'

Approximately four out of every five sexually experienced women ages 15 to 44 years of have used birth control pills. The most common potential side effects include nausea, headache, weight gain, breast tenderness, mood changes and irregular bleeding. However, a frightening new report published in a medical journal, sites a potential for brain cancer as a result of using birth control pills.

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C-section Cause Chronic Pain During Sex

Cesarean delivery is the most common surgery performed in the United States at nearly 35% of all U.S.A. deliveries. The World Health Organization believes no more than 15% of deliveries should be by C-Section. A new study found that a great number of women who had a C-section deliveries suffer from chronic pain.

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Vitamin Waters are a 'Waste of Money and Don't Boost Health'

A damning report by Canadian Academics claim that vitamin waters and energy drinks do not boost mental or physical health, and are a waste of money. Learn the truth about vitamin waters, if you dare.

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Bisexual Women are Challenged by Mental Health Issues

The largest study to date of its kind has determined, that bisexual women are more likely to feel depressed, desire to self-harm, and develop eating disorders. Learn how bisexual women are affected mentally due to their sexual orientation.

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CDC: Flu Vaccine Misses the Mark by a Long-shot

A new study shows that this year's flu vaccine is only 23% effective at-best. That's one of the worst performances in the last decade according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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Vitamin Deficiency May be Involved in Diabetes

Nearly half of all American adults have either pre-diabetes or diabetes, raising their risk of heart attacks, blindness, amputations and cancer. Cornel University research discovers a possible connection between diabetes and a vitamin deficiency.

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Women Have Prematurely Aging Joints Compared to Men

Health experts have been trying to uncover why women have joints that age twice as fast as men. Writing in the Journal of Orthopedic Research, the scientists point out two main causes of premature aging joints in females, both of which are modifiable lifestyles that may prevent loss of joint function.

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