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Can Xylitol Improve Your Next Dentist Visit?

A doctor is incapable of curing any patient except for him or herself. Once that which impedes the innate healing process is removed, a true cure may be realized. Give credit where credit is due, your magnificent God given mind, body and spirit.
- Dr. Bob Martin

Lower Cholesterol with Just One Per Day

High cholesterol may increase your risk of heart disease. Pennsylvania State University researchers find a common food capable of reducing the most dangerous form of cholesterol.

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Forget Viagra 'Special Food is all YOU Need'

Never mind Viagra, Levitra, Cialis or anything else you're using for erectile dysfunction. Men who have problems between the sheets could reinvigorate themselves by simply eating a very easy to follow diet.

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Eating Correct Spice Can Help You Lose Weight

Although the obesity rate is increasing in the United States, we seem to be in denial about own expanding waistlines. In a recent survey a majority of adults said they don't think they are overweight and aren't making an effort to shed pounds. Good news, University of Wyoming discovered a spice that stimulates the body to burn fat.

Right spice, is nice when it comes to weight loss. Please tune into "The Dr. Bob Martin Show"

More Bad News for Marijuana Users

Marijuana use may cause an initial stimulation that brings a sense of euphoria followed by tranquility, according to the Center for Substance Abuse Researcher at the University of Maryland. However, a new study has determined how smoking marijuana can leads to many undeliverable mental challenges.

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