Breast Implants get Cancer Warning

A National Cancer Institute has found a 'clearly established link' between a specific type of breast implant and cancer. The majority of the breast made by the same pharmaceutical company that brings you Botox, Juvederm, Natrelle, and Latisse for wrinkles and Refresh and Restasis eye drops etc.

Further details during 'The Dr. Bob Martin Show'

Exchanging Saliva with Dogs 'Good for Human Health'?

Scientists at the University of Arizona are claiming, that kissing your dog is good for your health. Apparently, there's compelling evidence that canine germs are beneficial to humans.

I'm NOT making this stuff up. No mention thus far about any concerns as to what dogs might be able to lick prior to laying a BIG kiss on your mouth. Please tune into 'The Dr. Bob Martin Show'

Top Ten Best Foods to Boost your Energy Levels... Naturally

Popular Nutritional Supplement Helps Stop Prostate Cancer

Nearly one quarter million new cases of prostate cancer will be diagnosed this year. The vast majority of American men will develop prostate cancer during their lifetimes. News research at Washington State University, is the first to show how a nutritional supplement fights prostate cancer.

A prostate gland is a horrible and unnecessary thing to lose. Please tune into 'The Dr. Bob Martin Show'

Dangerous Arsenic Levels Found in Popular Wines

Dozens of California wine makers are facing a lawsuit claiming their wines contain dangerously high levels of toxic arsenic.

If you or someone your know enjoy wine from Napa Valley, Santa Clara and California wine country locations, please tune into 'The Dr. Bob Martin Show'

Offspring's Earn More $$$ if they Consume Inexpensive Food

A new study which followed around 3,500 newborns for 30 years suggests babies gain lifelong advantages including higher earning potentials when fed a special inexpensive food.

For the sake of future generations and their earnings potential, please tune into 'The Dr. Bob Martin Show'

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A doctor is incapable of curing any patient except for him or herself. Once that which impedes the innate healing process is removed, a true cure may be realized. Give credit where credit is due, your magnificent God given mind, body and spirit.
- Dr. Bob Martin

Nail Biting: Mental Disorder or Just a Bad Habit?

Some people don't even realize they're biting their nails at all until it's pointed out to them, indicating that it almost never happens consciously. New research has discovered why people bite their fingernails, and what is says, about their personalities.

All nail nibblers and non-biters should tune into "The Dr. Bob Martin Show"

Think Twice About Rewarding Children with Presents

Do you treat your children to gidgets, gadgets, gizmos, money and/or presents when they perform well at school? A study by the University of Missouri and the University of Illinois at Chicago claims such actions could be detrimental to their development.

Learn more about this by tuning into "The Dr. Bob Martin Show"

Top Ten Food you Must AVOID if You're Planning on Having Sex Tonight

Five Colleges with the Highest STD Rates

When there are thousands of 18 to 25 year olds in an environment where they are free to do whatever they want, anything could happen including tons of partying, loads of drinking and lots of sex. Find out if a university you're familiar with or attended made the list.

Please tune into "The Dr. Bob Martin Show"

Major Health Warning Over Marijuana Brownies

Marijuana use for adults over 21 is fully legal in Colorado, Washington and Alaska. Oregon passed a similar law that will take effect in July. Several other states have legalized marijuana for medicinal use or have decriminalized it, as more states legalize marijuana. Scientists are warning of the potential health risks of eating marijuana infused snacks such as brownies.

Get high on health and wellness, not drugs. Please tune into "The Dr. Bob Martin Show"

Alcohol Accelerates Stroke Risk

The percentage of Americans age 18 and older, that consume alcoholic beverages at some point in their lifetime, is approximately 90%. Researchers followed over 11,000 people for 43 years in an effort to determine if alcohol usage increased stroke risk. The result may shock many people who consume alcohol.

Imbibe all the health info you possibly can. Please tune into "The Dr. Bob Martin Show"

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